Crush Alot: Naturi-Us! (Please)

Okay, so I might just be late on this cause admittedly, I just saw NOTORIOUS for the first time last night.

And for all of it’s Hollywood crappiness, the shining moment for me was 20 minutes in, getting the shock of my life seeing a full out sex scene with shorty from 3LW.

Like…… I remember us joking in High School that the only one who could get it was Adrienne.

That’s surely not the case anymore! These pictures explain it all.

I don’t know what rock I’ve been sleeping under or how I missed this, or further more, I don’t know why every man on the Planet is not Fuckin in Love with Black Women the way I am (And no, not because of naked stills from movie scenes, but because Black women are Just damn Amazing in General! – Phat asses are just a plus thank you very much)

So I’m saying Hello ms. Naughton (I like the first 6 letters of your last name by the way),

YOU are officially My NEW Crush.

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