Sex & The Chocolate City…Revisited

I don’t like dating. It’s never been my thing per se. I use to write about it back in college when it was funny and not as pretentious (especially in New York). So when Mr. Malik-16 asked me to contribute, of course I said no. But, here I am. Funny how things work.
If you do know me, or know my writing, I’m sure you are wondering where the hell have I been? (or at least I hope you are).
Well, to sum it all up: Graduated from Howard, fell into the traps of the corporate world, got a dog, fell in love, cheated on, twice, really badly, suffered severe heart break, deep depression, lost a few friends, went through a year long writers block, became the “other woman”, lost weight taking pole dancing, moved back to Brooklyn, lost my Grandmother, started Graduate school, lost my job, car destroyed, then found my writing voice again.
So, now that we got all that out of the way…
Who knows what direction I’ll take this blog in but it may be a pretty fun adventure to take together.

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