Hot-16…or more; “Run Brenda Run”

This song is featured on my upcoming Big mixtape project,

Westside Til I Die,

presented by this site right here, as well as and It’s called “Run Brena Run“, and in a way, it’s my homage to 2Pac and his classic, “Brenda’s Got A Baby“. It picks up where that song left off, not so much story-wise, but topic – wise. It needed to be touched on again. Oh yeah, and I play off the whole ‘Run’ analogy, even down to the beats I use. Be on the look out for the video for this track, directed, produced and shot by none other than resident Renaissance woman, TDJ herself.

Here goes;

“She Run Run like Re-Runs’ run,

So What’s Happening?

A sad song she done sung – cause she’s Battlin’,

a thing that can’t be un-done,

-well at least to some…

especially if you Catholic.

And she is,

so she wonder why Jesus ain’t,

intervene like ‘wait!’

You don’t need this weight.

Certainly she can’t…

wear that white dress,

got a new life in her stomach but feel life-less.

A few weeks ago she was a track star,

-fast girl – kind of fast girl who attract large, amounts of dudes by her school pushing fast cars,

they buy her food – take her shopping at the Gap but,

she 15, they 22 – that gap’s large…

and when she found out she was late – all them cats’ Gone!

She cut class more to throw up in a bucket,

they cut her from the track squad, but she keep runnin’ (awaaaay)

-she been,

pregnant for a month, baby coming in 8,

but she can’t keep Runnin Away (Can’t keep runnin awaaaay).

Now she regret what she done, feel like Runnin’ away, but she can’t keep…

Stuck in a frame – a moment frozen in time;

a baby warm in her stomach -a summer cold in her mind

-feel like it snowed in June,

she holds her womb,

cause in March,

she knows its due – it’s a Pisces.

And how them 2 fishes swim in 2 directions,

mirror the positions that she’s stretched in.

Sorta like the marks on her skin after the 2nd trimester,

How did it begin? Let her remember…

When she said ‘he’s all about his grip, always dipped, ice and leather’,

so that’s when she told her friends, that he was a go-getter.

But he got- her from the go,

and now she’s on her own,

in the fast lane joggin real slow

(But Whoa!)

Lady, lady,

take things easy baby,

Believe me,

These things change – they scream things lately,

-Call her “Heathen!”,

‘Demon and schemin’ – playin with fire’

But you just wanna sleep on a queen mattress…

and stay dreamin’, like a queen that is, ready for her throne,

ready to go home.

Ran away from it, cause she cannot take coming home to mama like,

‘mama uhhhhh…I gotta break somethin….

to you’.

But she don’t understand – it’s a new school,

Mama been young once – been in Love with a few dudes.

Ya’ll know the tune – duke,

Brenda had a baby,

threw him in the garbage – her apartment’s too crazy!

Stay there with aunts and uncles and cousins daily,

now she with a couple friends’ friends – and they rarely speak…

She barely eats, she cries to sleep,

she breaks the plates and tears the sheets

– her nerves ain’t there – she’s weak,

can’t stand it but she stay on her feet, like a race or a meet.

Keep her cross trainers on cause she know if more trouble come along…

all she gotta do is lace up her sneaks

(Keep Runnin Brenda!)

Cause every month I get another call,

someone telling someone, telling me, that there’s gon’ be another mother awww!…

but not when all them mothers are,

under 21 – they more,

like under 15, that’s just Fucking WRONG.

Blame it on the generation – they just fuckin’ more.


I accepted that,

But shit,

Where the protection at? They fuckin Raw??!

When Contraceptives is more,

available than they ever been,

-tell me where was Brenda when,

Sex-Ed class was demonstrating and lecturing,

showing them The Miracle of Life on television an’,

Now it’s just a miracle that life is even left in them,

Grandma gotta go an raise another infant and damn…

Might as well had a little brother or sister if you knew your mom was gon’ put like 87 percent into this,


that you brought here, into this wild,

Frontier full of guns, blunts, tears and smiles.

Another single mother with no degree,

how’s she supposed to teach, a ma’fucka what he’s sposed to be??

When it’s much more exciting on the porch to see,

the newest whips niggas’ ridin’ – got the chrome on the V.

And forget about relations with the father,

child grow up waitin’ on a father,

cause he was just a booty call – or is it…

that you just, hating on the father? cause ya’ll dont get along?

and he wanna be a dad but,

you just shakin’ him off

-niggas need to understand that,

they are making more than a kid to put in cribs,


You are making more little hers and little hims,

so it’s really up to you to go and determine if,

your kids gon’ play like The Spurs, or gon’ play like The Knicks!

So who the Fuck are you?! are you gonna be that bridge?

or are you gonna burn it and go an’ create a riff??

Keep pushin’ them further and go and….make ’em drift?

When they ain’t ask to be here homey, Facin’ this…

pit of trouble duke,

mix of puzzle clues,

but if I was a New-Born coming to this New World,

best believe that,

I’d be runnin’ too

(I’m Runnin’)”

Hope you learned something.

Be on the lookout for that Westside Til I die mixtape, coming December 16th.

Here’s the exclusive link to this song for now.

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  1. What a great song Malik! I especially found interesting your lyrics toward the end about how there are men out there who want to be fathers, but due to the hatred & bitterness of the mothers, it becomes impossible. Thats an issue, I haven’t heard spoken very often.

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