All Hail! SADE Returns with New Single. New Album February 2010!



I know by now you’ve heard this from 80 million entertainment blogs and music outlets, but damn,

Someone was JUST asking me when she’s coming back out. You always hear the same point made in reference to Ms. Adu; ‘she always takes 10 years inbetween albums’.

Well, it’s officially been 8.

Maxwell eat your heart out! We’re about to see how a comeback is truly done.

What a way to build anticipation! It almost looks like she’s embracing her status as an ethereal Icon in these promo shots.

Now I get the thing with Sade. You either are madly in Love with her and her music like myslef who owns every last release, or you just can’t get into it.

Her songs are either your ultimate idea of what Romance sounds and feels like, or it’s the soundtrack to suicide.

My Aunt Jackie was teasing me recently about how ALL black men have an ongoing love affair with Sade and are totally infatuated with her.

I don’t know if that’s the case, but it does seem to be a prominent Commonality. With that said, look for a Super Love Deluxe Sade special Crush Alot section honoring the Queen in February.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and my growing iTunes collection,

Sade returns to the music scene on February 8th with her first album since her early millenium release, Lovers Rock. The aptly titled Soldier of Love, is the lead single which is also the name of the album. It finds her experimenting with a harder, more metallic, Drum heavy sound, while maintaining her sultry, other-worldy presence (Hear it here –

Now, since I’m not a music journalist, I’ll stop there and stick to what I know – Which is Irony.

How’s this for Irony?

Why is this album dropping on the same date that is the birthday of my last girlfriend, who’s name happens to be what??…Shade….

A Day in the life of Mr. 16…


  1. She is definitely the Queen! This will be an album I actually buy!

  2. I love Sade too. I am glad to see black men loving black women, especially a unique black women with love on her mind. She is the queen of a good old sad love song. She makes it sexy to be sad and in love.

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