Anyone Remember This Flick?? Hav Plenty

I caught the end of this movie last night on cable.

I know at this point after following my previous movie based posts,

you’re probably gonna think I just sit up at home and do nothing but watch T.V.

It’s really that I just always have it on and NEVER really watch it, and I stay up at crazy hours most of the time, so I catch random shit.

But I remember this coming out and leaving theatres with the quickness in 1997, and I used to think – what is this about?

Now I found myself watching it last night wondering – what is this about??

Nah, for real, Tracey Edmonds was either trying to get her feet wet in the film game and be taken seriously as a producer,  or she was doing someone a serious favor.

I remember hearing about how interesting this movie was because it was shot on a shoestring budget, and it had a pretty notable soundtrack – thanks to Ms. Edmonds. My Brother had it, it had some cuts on it. But really, the awkwardness of it comes off like a college film.

I need my film people to comment on this. It looks like it was well intentioned, and an earnest attempt at showing black romantic comedy from a different angle, but is another victim of the She’s Gotta Have It syndrome. Word to the writer being the star (Spike). Cutting Costs much?

And Hil Harper in any flick spells ‘Independent black movie that will only come on the STARZ network’.

Plus, anyone who knows me Knows I HATE titles that are made up of some kind of half-assed compound of the main character’s Names i.e. Jason’s Lyric or Poetic Justice. How Freakin DEEP!!

I will admit, shorty who plays Hav (short for Haviland) is Sexy as hell to me tho.

It may be worth checkin out just because it is so…


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  1. I’ve actually seen this movie- more than once- and while it is very much an amateurish project it’s a well-done one.

    The acting is pretty atrocious- I won’t lie, but the storyline & cast are endearing. And it has it’s funny/witty/smart/touching moments that makes it the type of movie that many consider a “cult classic” years after it was released.

    Now, the fact that dude hasn’t penned anything since, well, what can I say…one hit wonder, anyone? I hope his contract was a sweet one!

    I say give it a shot. If for nothing else than for the scene when Hav’s brother-in-law gets physical with Lee. That ish was funny as all hell!

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