Wow dude! Really??! Kidnapping tho??!

I came across this after my homegirl Indigo told me to Check out this article on this dude that we used to go to school with.  Apparently, earlier this fall, he kidnapped his own nephew and it made the seattle news.

I met dude on my way out back in the Howard days when he was an upstart young’n gaining popularity on the campus fast as a spoken word phenom when that was all the rage. Correction, my first introduction to the artist formerly known as De Gruve, was at some kind of panel that was going on in Cramton auditorium where Mos Def was speaking. During a question and answer segment De Gruve busts out with a bunch of questions and makes it a point to mention that he had just got past security who minutes ago told him he couldn’t get in the back way to talk to Mos Def.

Now I liked old boy cause he almost reminded me of young me once he calmed down the next year. We even did a showcase together paying homage to Russell Simmons (Word to Onyi!). He even did a Dope track with the boy Brandon Carter as he started to try his hand at rapping.

He seemed pretty sane to me, but still it seemed I couldn’t avoid hearing these urban legend tales once I left school about the kid jumping off the deep end. NO, I mean LITERALLY Jumping!!

There’s a reservoir near one of the dorms on Howard’s campus, and allegedly, word is that son took a dive in one day!

My ex would tell me these stories of his changes, and Brandon swore by them. I guess things just caught up with the kid. Maybe he’s a Genius, cause I do remember son being Pretty nice with the Word game, but they say Genius and Crazy are hand in hand.

Glad this story has a somewhat happy turnout, but who would know that ol’ boy would turn out to be “Mentally Ill” and “Dangerous”.

This is like When I saw my dad’s Cousin on America’s Most Wanted back in the 80’s.

Oy Vey!

Here’s the full link to the news story.

And the end result


  1. Wow! I can’t believe you guys knew him. It’s really a tragedy, & I wish he would’ve received the proper care & attention while he was at HU. My prayers are with him.

  2. Lol, son is a fool with it!!!!!!

    Hold up, why was you talking to his ex so much???? Hahahahahahah

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