Sex & The Chocolate City – Entry #4


About a year ago, I feel in love with a pasty dead white guy, about 100 years my senior. His name is Edward. I’m sure you’ve all heard of him, or at least heard of the Twilight Saga  (or you’ve been under a rock for the past two years). But it wasn’t the man himself that I fell in love with, but the idea of him. He’s a fantasy. Perfect gentleman that makes your heart skip several beats. He is everything you ever wanted, a dream come true. In New Moon, we were introduced to a faithful pup, Jacob.  Jacob is the true friend, companion, who would without a doubt throw himself in front of a car (or a pack of wolves) if it made you happy.

Why I bring up this silly nonsensical story, because beyond the love struck teenaged mushiness and tales of the undead lies an important lesson in love and choice. We’ve all had moments where we are left choosing between our wants (TEAM EDWARDS) and our needs (TEAM JACOB).

Our needs is what’s most beneficial to our health and happiness. Choosing what we need is the safest and most logical decision. It’s a mate that worships the ground you walk on, a person that loves you more than you could ever love them or even yourself. But some would criticize this as settling.

Our wants is our unquenchable desire, our thirst (no pun intended) for some something out of our immediate reach, whether it’s good or bad for us. Our wants generally means we must make some sacrifices, take risks, and hope for the best. Unlike needs, there is no guaranteed happy ending with wants.

Edward’s dead. In order to be with him, I’d have to die too. Meanwhile, Jacob is happy and healthy with a beating heart. So either I risk my life to be with a vampire or stay human, long and prosper with a werewolf.

So why did I choose Edward?

Because life is not about playing it safe! Life is about taking chances! You should never be looking back on your life with regret. You should always go for what you want. And it’s our wants that get in the way of completely being happy with just our needs.

So I say, go with what you want, and in time you’ll learn that it’s exactly what you need.



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