The MOS Post

So my boy Nelson (you ‘know him as M.O.S, but you can call him Mr. Jerez!) is about to be bouncing from the country, so I’m dedicating this post to my homey. Not like he won’t be up on the damn internet and doing his thing, but still…

He’s taking a little break from the cold, from the rat race and recession rouse, to soak up some more family time, some more culture, inspiration and provide a better life for his son.

It’s Real in the field.

I’ve known Mos since my high school days where he was the quiet young’n in the crew of rowdy kids taggin up most of the time and we barely spoke.

It was him that actually was the key to my start back into music and my beginnings as a solo artist because while working as a Real Estate agent, he walked past me and recognized me but I didn’t recognize him. After I grilled him in suspicion, and then finally remembered him and exchanged info, he reconnected me with a bunch of my peoples who I left a legacy for after departing from high school.  See, I helped found an afterschool digital media program that one of our teachers ran and taught us basic music production on the software called Acid. Most of us were nice with it – My boy Killa being the NICEST.

But I remember the one kid Sol-Leks being a dope spitter and once Nelson informed me that they had all been continuing and built a whole catalog mastering the Acid program, doing things I never imagined were possible on such a basic and forgotten application, not to mention teaching some of the other younger heads that didn’t produce back when I was at school, I knew I had to keep in touch.

(What a run-on sentence if I ever saw one!)

So this reconnecting manifested into the forming of our crew into a music collective called The Balance. We figured since we all make music together, why not make music together?

At this point, Mos wasn’t really around as much so we weren’t really counting on him to be a strong part of the group. Plus, I had never heard a full rap from this guy until we began recording the album. I didn’t even know dude was a serious writer!

Little did I know that he would prove to be a great leader and ultimately, the glue that held the group together when it started looking shaky.

He’s the resident conspiracy theorist although he would hate to be considered that. I know better than to try to label the kid, but I figure that term would be the easiest for you all to digest. Son has put me and the rest of the crew on to so much information, and even if we don’t believe, he forces us to never think the same way about things ever again. He’s a true music head like me, with a deep love for Hip-hop and it’s power to affect change.

He’s stubborn as hell, is a backpacker on the low who refuses to slow his rap style down and make it easier to follow (despite me an killa’s pleas for him to try), a little over critical and kinda arrogant.  But a good dude, good father and somebody with a super dangerous mind who will fight for his people. When he’s focused – it’s a wrap!

For a young Buck, dude is crazy wise beyond his years. That Fatherhood will grow niggas up quick won’t it??!

I wish him nothing but the best in this next year’s journey and I say it now like it’s been said before,

It only gets better!

I leave you with the Greatest Hits and Misses from that Balance era and our First and Only project ever, The Shift – which came out earlier this year with a dope Release Party!

Peep the 3-videos-in-1 trilogy where Mos sets it off with his song “System Revolt”.

This part of the video went over alot of peoples’ heads because you can’t get the full effect from hearing this song in pieces. This is a real conceptual song where Mos uses the layered metaphor of bombing (referring to graf ‘bombing’  and terrorist ‘bombing’) to weave a story that basically is a call for going against the established status quo of inequity and corrupt hippocracy. The song starts in a train, henceforth he’s in the train station.

Peep the Marker skills!

And then peep his verses on these balance joints from The Shift

The Full “System Revolt” song


“Piano Man”

“1 Eye Open”

And this unfinished Gem that never made the album with me & Mos produced by Hasan Insane (who also hosted The Shift);

“The Strength”

Peace Homey.


  1. thanx brother. you are a great man. we will keep doing greater things. You and I know how powerful what we do is and can be. and is why I will always love you dude. I didn’t see this coming, but knowing what a great man and friend you are i should have. thanx again and see you as soon as life allows. love and peace my Brother.

  2. Damn!!!! As y’all may know I’m a harsh, borderline-hatin critic but I must give props on this….Y’all stepped everything up tremendously…

    as for Mos….hope you snuck a QP in your underwear…your creativity might lack w/o it lol

    good luck 😉

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