New Malik-16 mixtape x 2DopeBoyz x Harlem Vault WESTSIDE TIL I DIE Drops today!! 16th for 16


Ok, This is the big day.  DECEMBER 16TH.

My New California-themed mixtape,

Westside Til I Die

Drops today and gets an extra big push from the homies at and

I chose to get up with the dopeboyz because they are kings at what they do, and they are true WestCoast hip-hop afficianados. And I chose Vault because they rep the style of West Harlem  like no other. Plus they’re on my block!!

They co-sign the project that is a nod to the fact that I’m from the Westside of Harlem, but also pays homage to WestCoast rap and the classic songs by artists from that side of the map that I came up listening to. Sure, some instrumentals from The Game make their way on there, but every beat I rapped over wasn’t necessarily by a dope artist.

Some beats were just dope and I had to touch them – blame it on the producer. Some of these beats weren’t even made by westcoast producers. But nevertheless, they became memorable Hip-hop joints that will hopefully take you some place as you listen to them.

Like my last 2 mixtapes which were bundled together as a double mixtape

(see  How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 1 ;Who Doesn’t Rap??! and How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 2 ; Disco Inferno, hosted by the homey GangStarrGirl Of Course), I wrote this mixtape  within that grueling 3 month winter of 2005-2006 period where I forced myself to write 3 mixtapes back to back inbetween working Real Estate and Coming home at 1 O’clock in the morning after double shifts at The WORST TGIFridays in the city!!! (The Rockerfeller one).

Now of course, I cleaned some things up in the midst of recording it, and updated some lyrics (hence the Drake reference on the first track).

But it’s still good ol’ Vintage from the kid.

This may be the last mixtape where you’ll hear me doing Long-Ass verses and wordy bars, due to how my style has progressed since then. But you tell me. Keep me on my toes people!

Having that said, go to either of the 2 sites mentioned above to see what they say about the kid. You can also download the tape there, or come right back home and click on the picture above and  leave a comment after you listen.


  1. This is a definite must have for all! Tracks 4,6, and 10-14 are crazy! Get em babe!

  2. BEST MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR!!!!! (After “so far gone” and my “Audacity of DOPE” mixtape). Im blasting this shit every day of Kwanza my nigga!

  3. […] Malik speaks about this project on his blog. Shouts to Mike, 2DB, & Hasan Insane. Cont reading to check out the tracklisting. Download: […]

  4. Yooo! 1, 4, & 10-14 is RIDICULOUS!

  5. It’s hard to understand the mania that is Malik when you are creating songs. I don’t know if you still listen to a beat 1000 times before you create a song but it all makes sense when listening to the finished product. This mixtape is clean, fulfills it’s purpose as it pays homage to the WestCoast and is filled with a creativity that is uniquely you. Well done. Can’t wait til we’re celebrating the release of your album. It soon come baby.

  6. my brother congrats i got to hear some early, and thought it was dope now hearing the finish product as a whole. i’m make it a e-stocking stuffer.

  7. wish you woulda put that west side storytrack on here good shit though. special is my favorite.

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