Crush Alot: R.I.P. Brittany

I don’t care if every other blog has posts and Dedications to her,

Brittany Murphy holds a special place for me.

I’m sure much more special than the cliche journalist lament for a fallen star who they probably spent a good time criticizing and making the butt of jokes.

As one of the few women of the Caucasian Persuasion who made me wanna do…”You know?….Stuff?” (See; Clueless), Ms. Murphy has been on my list since 2005. My love for women wins again!

Although, she’s been on my radar since 1996, and I’ve seen almost all of the movies she’s starred in, I don’t think she was anyone who I noticed as Sexy until I saw her in the movie Sin City.

On the low, She’d been quite the Grinder since she was young.

I didn’t realize how many things she had been involved in on the come up.

I also didn’t know that she went to her prom with the dude Johnathan Brandis from that show Seaquest who killed himself back in ’96. He also went out with another one of my crushes, Tatyana Ali.

But who remembers her as the token white friend on Sister Sister?

She always did just fit in and had a little bit of Soul to her. It wasn’t just white girl swag. Remember 8Mile? How many big actresses star in a movie where their main role was the chic who started a beef between 2 crews for sleeping with rappers? She even did a character voice for Marc Ecko’s Smash Graffing video Game; Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Dope! And she’s the daughter of a Mobster. And she’s from ATL!

Need I say more? She was always “Rollin with the homies..” (See; Clueless again)

I Wanted her to win in Little Black Book, Never watched all of Uptown Girls , Felt her when she killed herself in Girl Interrupted, Rewound her underwear scene in Love & Other Disasters, and followed her voice in Happy Feet.

I even thought she did the voice of Luanne on King Of The Hill very uniquely.

And don’t sleep on the Body son!

It may be poor taste to speak on the dead in a lustful fashion, but shorty was bad in a non-typical way for a starlet. She had plumpness in places that were favorable and not the norm. Now I won’t get into the whole debate on whether her lips were injected or her fluctuating weight, because I never paid that much attention and I kind of stopped checking for her in the last few years. Plus I’m  sure you’ll hear alot of that elsewhere. I do know that her lips have always been pouty since the younger days and that was one of the characteristics that I was attracted to. So I’m choosing to remember The Brittany that first caught my eye, the version of her that I got Jungle Fever for with bright eyes, sleek body and thickness where it counted.

My girl’s gonna give me flack for this post, but she knows the deal.

These pictures are actually images that I’ve had on my computer for about 2 years now, NOT pictures that I scrambled to find on the internet just to put up this post – AHEM!

Marshall Mathers, Iam eternally jealous of you!

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy, you were my Crush!

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  1. I also enjoyed her work (not for the same reasons, obviously) and I just hope the media stays out of her business as much as is possible these days.

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