GangStarrGirl gets in where she fits in!

So last week, the homegirl Reenie A.K.A. GangStarrGirl of posted up this video of her gettin’ quite…uhmm…GangStarr at my show earlier this month at Brown Bag Thursdays (See; Brown Bag Allstars blog on the left).

Funny right? she’s crazy.

Here’s her full post if you want to check it out (You should be visiting her site regularly anyway – AHEM!)

The show was pretty ill because I witnessed some dope performances and I wasn’t bad myself if I do say so. Shout out to Rebel Diaz & neMiss.

My only gripe was that, although these Thursday shows always bring out a nice draw due to the fanbase of the group, hip-hop stuff always starts so damn late! and as a guy who brought a good third of the crowd with him, including lots of women and fellow retail and service people who had day jobs to report to the next morning and a big brother who traveled from New Jersey, I was under pressure. Now compound that with the fact that the first 2 performers were super late and the host’s Idea of punishment was making them go BEFORE me, that can be an issue. Now add on top of that the fact that when these performers left, a good portion of the crowd left as well.

THEN, add the fact that there’s a $5 charge at the door for non-performers, and Maybe Reeenie wasn’t wrong for gettin’ ghetto – I mean GangStarr after all.

Nevertheless, BBAllstars are my people and I don’t condone or advise anybody sneaking into their event without paying.

But I do understand the budget moves of the freelancers out there. I envy their freedom. Reenie is a champion of following your passion. This has been her ultimate year of the Hustle.

In other words kids, Don’t try this at home…

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