Stolen Moments; I Love Fruity Pebbles In a Major Way!

This post is brought to you by Post!

Nevermind the fact that I had a damn near CLASSIC mixtape drop last wednesday with and Vault clothing store in Harlem, the highlight of my week was finding out that 50Cent was impressed with my mimicking of his style on my “Jackin For Flows” track off of side A of my 2008 double mixtape How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 1 ; Who Doesn’t Rap??!

(See that post under Music –

The Other highlight was teaching my Homegirl, TDJ, yes, our own resident Sex & The Chocolate City Tuesday columnist, how to Bartend.

She’s such a good student, and because she got the ill hook-up which would be any aspiring bartender’s dream gig, I wanted her to be able to blow people away with how fast she learned and how much she was gonna come in with. She came fully strapped with her pad for notetaking, as well as her Bartender’s Handbook.

How Gangster is she??

Now usually, I don’t make any mention of my day gig because

1. I Hate it and like to forget about it once I’m out of there

2. Because I believe alcohol is the worst drug out there and I don’t promote it. I consider myself a legal drug dealer (hey it’s a living!) People want the poison and they’re gonna get it one way or another – who better than me?

I’m not that judgemental tho, I just don’t want to advocate it despite the contradiction of my employment status. You won’t find any drink anthems from me anytime soon.

Anyway, getting to the fun part, I only agreed to this lesson because TDJ has been asking me for a year to show her. Of course there was the whole ‘why do you want to do this again?’ questioning (which turned into a clash as me and TDJ always seem to get into), but after the smoke cleared, we flowed, and my homegirl Indigo came into the bar where I work at with almost planned timing to catch me taking a well deserved (and Unauthorized) Brunch break!

And what better way to go about brunch kids? with a nice plastic bowl of Post Fruity Pebbles, made straight at home, on the way to work, broken out at the most oppurtune time of day while on the clock with the possibility of a customer or Owner walking through those very doors that Indigo just came through.

Complete with the I’m-Hungry-doing this on the sly-paranoid-crackhead-who just snuck/stole food-who’s-looking?  face.

Ahh…another exciting moment.

But you don’t understand, Fruity Pebbles has been my favorite cereal since I was about 4. I remember the exact point of being amazed at how they went from crunchy to soggy, and the milk turning a nice violet-hue (Which can’t be too much of a good thing). It was also one of the few cereals in the 80’s that featured blue pieces. And everyone knows that to children, colors like blue are eye-catching and super significant at young ages.

I even loved the commercials with the Flintstones and Barney’s silly (I prefer the term understated genius) schemes to take them from Fred.

This prompts a great question tho..

What’s YOUR favorite Cereal Kids??


  1. Lucky Charms and Crackling Oat Bran!

    • Too Bad the marshmallows in Lucky Charms are swine!

  2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch holds a place in my soul

  3. Corn Pops & Apple Jacks hold a special place in my heart.

  4. Congrats on getting 50 Cent kudos!

    LMAO at you eating Fruity Pebbles in the middle of a bar/lounge. I would have given my right hand to see that *DIES*

    But to answer your question, my favorite childhood cereals were cornflakes w/o anything lol (I was the only kid who) could eat cornflakes plain, kix, fruit loops and definitely fruity pebbles. We should take a field trip to Cereality one Monday or Tuesday asap!

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