We Should All be Worried! – New Possible Cell Phone Warning Law

This is BIG.

A discussion that I’ve started and held so many times, I can’t count, I wonder if we should all be worried about these devices that we hold so near and dear to us, literally.

This article featured on yahoo news centers around a decision being presented in Maine to impose a legal requirement that there be a health warning about the long term effects of cell phone radiation and it’s possible contribution to Brain Cancer. Maine isn’t alone, San Fran wants to raise awareness just as much. While the experts still contests the proof of cell phones causing Cancer is not substantial or consistent. Why are they not at least making the public aware of the probability?

Here’s the full article;http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091220/ap_on_re_us/us_cell_phone_warnings

I guess common sense would tell you that whatever powers this small box that can allow you to talk worldwide, play videos, film and take pictures has to be something that can burrow through your brain tissue tho. Anyone who’s been on a long conversation and felt the phone get hot can attest to this.

I’ve debated about this with my little sister, and posed this question to friends and strangers.

I was so relieved when late last year both of my parents stopped wearing their beloved wireless cellular earpieces. Although my little sister assured me that there’s less to be worried about as she did a study for school that proved that the earpieces don’t send out near as much radiation as the phones themselves. But understand, my parents would wear these stupid things in their ears day in, day out, everyday.

All I could think about is when we learned the radiation charts in Chemistry class back in high school and middle school. And tho I know that computers and phones emitt the lowest levels of radiation on the scale, it is still radiation. And since these technologies have not been around long enough in human history, we don’t really have a solid understanding or grasp on what the true long term effects will be. In a way, we’re all guinea pigs to an advent that has changed our lives for the better, but may send us all to an early grave. Who can imagine modern life without a cell phone? it’s so implemented into our daily routines, even children carry them.

I often wonder if all of this sitting up late night so close to this computer screen is killing me slowly. I try not to think about it because it’s such a necessary evil at this point in my life, but I can’t help but to remember back in my days as a Real Estate Agent, watching everyone on their laptops while on their cell phones.

One of my teammates there, a real ambitious and super smart guy from Israel who always had his cell phone handy, stopped me one day as I had my ear piece out (with the wire of course) and asked me how it’s been working for me. he was one of those guys who always would phrase big questions in a simple way or set them up to make a profound point with a friendly, knowing smile on his face.

I said”‘fine”,

then he proceeded to show me an e-mail he had recently received about a study done overseas where two cell phones were sat across from each other with an egg inbetween them for the duration of a 60 minute conversation. At the end of that conversation, the study showed that the egg was hardboiled inside.

Now this has since been denounced as a hoax or urban legend, and I didn’t know whether or not it was just too sensational to believe, but it did push me to think. What are we doing to ourselves?

I begged my parents each to cut the earpiece usage down when they used to wear it all day. And I’ve recently been trying to keep mine away from me when I’m not on it. I prefer skype and texting.

Some people are Aids activists. I am scared to death of Cancer of all forms. Mostly, because I feel it may be the only natural disease. Natural in the sense that it is the resulting by-product of every thing we have done on this planet to live more convenient, comfortable modern lives.

So while there may not be any way to stop it, it can surely be fought. And I intend to fight it every little way that I can. One step at a time.

You should too.

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  1. OK, you don’t know this about me, but I’m a huge conspiracy theorist, and now you’ve added another things I’m suspicious of- My phone!

    So does this apply to earphones or just to the actual phones & bluetooth devices? the last thing THIS brain needs is radiation. TRUST!

    *gives computer the side eye*

    Maybe my grandmother was right to not trust the microwave? Now I just want to hide in my bathtub for a week…

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