Amerie & Fab Show off acting chops in New Vid

Here’s the New one from Amerie.

It’s called “More than Love” off of her new album and Def Jam debut, In Love & War and it features Fabulous, not only as the guest rapper, but the love interest.

Nevermind the now requisite struggling-R&B-artist?-place-some-Nuvo-in-your-video! thing at the beginning ala Mario, this is still a quality song and video. We haven’t seen this much of  a good fit of singer and rapper playing boyfriend and girlfriend since Meth & Alicia. We forget Amerie also acts – word to the monologue in the beginning that could have been cheesy, but worked just right. And sampling the non-popular and overused part of “Summer Madness” is quite Gangster might I add.

Not only are these 2 of my favorite Artists, they’re also 2 of the Flyest, and I’m really pushing for A! I know she gets a lot of flack for lacking an innate sense of soul and not having the best range, but I don’t think that’s what’s held her back. I think she just hasn’t found her niche. When she got close to having one, she slept on it and let Beyonce stumble across her mojo and take it to levels that she probably never could (peep B’s “Greenlight” video – sound/look familiar to anything?), but at least would have kept her a household name.

So I’m hoping this single does more than what her first 2 off of this album did, and here’s to hoping that they release her “Pretty Brown Eyes” song with Trey Songz as a single as well.

That would be a good look right about now. Not that I even own this album myself, but still,      I want her to win…and not just cause I have a huge crush on her…


  1. Great video (thanks I wrote the treatment). Nuvo isn’t the new requisite for R&B / Rapper’s tool to use in videos they are the new bank roll for video’s which makes them smart as hell. Why pay 15 – 20 thousand to produce a tv spot then pay to get it placed for about 60K depending on where its aired for the month, when you can just give an artist 20K to put it in a video and have it shown every time a video is aired for free (money/ affiliation makes the world go around).

    Meth and Alicia or Meth and Mary?

    As far as Amerie finding her niche, she found her niche the problem is she like most artist thinks they know their audience more than the audience know them self. She seldom let people that went to school and learned how to determine what works and what doesn’t do their job. Rich gave her that “Greenlight” track and she said no. and as far as the sound and look being familiar it should it’s RICH’s sound not Amerie’s. Unlike most artist Beyonce takes direction when doing a track, this is what differentiates an “Artist” from a “Great Artist”. Now I not saying to just let anyone take control of you project but if its a proven track record let them rock.

    Pretty Brown Eyes” ft. Trey Songz bricking at radio not enough spins nor request, so not everyone is feeling the same.

    Happy Umoja!!!!

  2. Happy Kujichagulia

    Her next single is “Swag Back”

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