Bye Bye Veen!

Okay, This is Painful. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my Hooptie of 1 year, that like all of my cars, was named after one of my sisters. In this case, the car being named after the Youngest of my Older sisters, Melvina. What an ordeal. You could imagine the experience, waiting for the tow truck in the cold with my pops and my boy Brandon, only to take it to a garage blocks away and have the mechanic tell me to ‘Kiss my baby goodbye’.

That’s what I get for buying a used American car. A Pontiac at that! They don’t even make those anymore!

I bought it around this time last year for CHEAP price, So I guess that I got my Year’s worth. I don’t feel so bad. I didn’t like it as much as the Toyota I had before that which was 9 years younger. That car was given to my mother for her birthday last year (Think I’m gonna send her to Disney World This year), and it’s STILL running might I add. As a Matter of fact, I didn’t like this car much at all.

It’s American for one, which Iam against, it’s GREEN for God’s sake!, and I had to put way more money into fixing up little things over the course of last year than I ever had to when I was driving Rasheedah, the Toyota(yeah, that’s my other sister – the reliable one).

So maybe naming it Veen, the nickname for the sister who used to be my favorite, was appropriate. At one point in time, me and Veen were as thick as thieves. She is partly responsible for putting me on to hip-hop, along with my cousins.

In her 17 -20 year old days, she was my female rolemodel. How cool was she with her Generation X hairstyles and fashion sense. I thought she was the missing member of En Vogue!

She is and always will be the coolest.

But things change, people get older and grow apart.

the more I noticed how aggy she would be at things, I realized she’s pretty moody – which doesn’t mix well with me. The unpredictable Veen made me keep my distance, and once she gave birth to my nephew, mom-mode killed all the last free-spirited Jersey girl swag left.

Much like this car, which looked cool at first and had all kinds of bells and whistles that I got comfortable with quickly, I discovered how out of nowhere, it would flip and have some random thing occur with it, from stiff steering wheels, to spontaneously breaking brakes. It had it’s time to be cool…

So having that said, New Year, New Gear.

My sister stays forever. The car doesn’t.


Bye Bye Veen!


  1. Aw, RIP Veen. Your memory will live on. Fun times, fun times.

  2. Veen, thanks for those dry summer nights in the rain!

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