Should I Even Join This Debate? Jay – Z and The Imagery

I debated with myself whether or not I was going to post anything on this subject because it’s been run into the ground at this point.

In the last 2 Weeks, the internets have been going GaGa with the back and forth over the now 5 year old Rumor of Jay-Z being a member of the Masons and the much speculated on but never publicly revealed, Illuminati.

The only thing with this newness is now there’s talk of Every Major artist on the charts right now being in on this and apart of it. It doesn’t help that Jay’s new weird ass (or artistic, as some would call it) video for “On To The Next One”, has all kind of symbolic imagery in it. Besides having absolutely Nada to do with the song, the fact that there is fire all over the place, black and white, and some depiction of Jesus near bullets is all that was needed to take this convo over the top.

From this point on, everytime that Jay line “It’s a secret society, all we ask is trust” comes on, it’ll never be heard the same way.

I should’ve saw this coming when I was having a conversation with this super Christian chic I used to talk to who was telling me all of this stuff about Jay-Z’s  “Run This Town” video and it’s symbolism. Then she proceeded to freak me out with Talk of The whole Taylor Swift and Kanye controversy being a Masonic induction disguised as a media outrage. I wondered where the fuck she got this shit from, then I remembered who I was talking to.

But it gets deep.

This is the stuff My boy Mos and my boy Marv XX of the Gemstars rant on about and talk me and my other boys to death about. This is also the kind of stuff that I was on back in high school and Freshman year of College, complete with my New World Order and Behold A Pale Horse books in the collection.

But even as I watch History channel, and see the Masons denying all mysterious connotations of darkness and Devil worship (of course) and all the 30 something year old Black guys I encounter riding around with the G on the bumper of their cars, I think, who’s really in who’s club??

Since when are they letting Negroes into this Clandestine fraternity that has involved the most powerful men in the history of the western world??!

Are the Black Masons accepted by their White Counterparts? Are they even practicing the same stuff??!

All of that is to say, why the Hell would a rapper be inducted in the same league as the Colgates, and Carnegies? And since when are Women given equal power in these Societies?

Too much analyzing can be dangerous. Not analyzing enough can be detrimental.

My boy Brandon’s stance on this is that Niggas need something and someone to blame for their bad position in society, and since niggas are Notorious for not accepting responsibility for their failures, who better to blame than The Man? Or in this case, the Rich and successful.

Here’s an example of how intense the scrutiny has gotten…

There’s alot of truth in this clip, but still, any info can be slanted any way if you believe it enough.  So I guess the question is,

“Do You Believe?”

And since we can’t talk about Mr. Carter, without talking about Mrs. Carter,

Check this out;

Beyonce playing Angela Davis??



  1. this is all heresay. conspiracy theory is fun to talk about. conspiracy fact is hard to digest. lets not forget that freemasonry is eveywhere. ifs the religon of choice when it comes to big business, so jay being apart of that isn’t shocking, but saying that “the man” don’t control shit is wrong. just think about all the people who work for wal-mart. if the ceo of wal-mart says everyone who works for him has to wear a funny jester hat or they are fired. hundreds of thousands of people will be wearing a jesters hat based on what one man wants. thats how it’s done. fuck brainwashing everyone just manipulate the ones at the top and the rest shall follow. 87% of people follow the leader 13% do critical thinking. thats the sad truth and thats what its about. if you want to call them illuminati. which is foolish to think jay-z is apart of or masons or whatever it doesn’t matter. it’s what to do about the top 1% having 96% of the worlds wealth and the systems they created and use to obtain that. thats what everyone struggle is really about. to many people think that things are how they are and they can’t do shit about it. when in truth thing are how they are cause few men make them that way and lots of men don’t do anything about it. we keep these people in power by believing their false truth. and thats something jay-z know lots about.

  2. Oh yea so that’s what i do? talk you to death?! no more enlightening conversations for u!!…… lmaooooo

    • word up. let him know marv. fucking jerk lol

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