Where The Hell is Sex & The Chocolate City???!!

I know, I know

The most beloved section of this site has been mysteriously missing for the last 2 weeks.

Fear not faithful readers and dare I say Jaded believers in Love and empathizers (is that even a word? if not, I’m making it one!)) of the plight of the Single New York Female, our Favorite column will be back in Full effect next Tuesday Via the Renaissance Woman, the Infamous TDJ herself.

I know you’ve been wondering what was the decision with ol’ boy on the train? did your comments influence her thoughts? what new challenge does our personal Joan Clayton/Carrie Bradshaw face in this New Year and what craziness did the Holiday season bring her way? Can you even relate?

I think you can. So be a little bit more patient, bear with us, because we’re about to Double…Hell, maybe even Triple up on the entries This Tuesday.

All the Chocolate one can take for a week.

And we’ll promise not to do this to you again….

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