Jay-Z video controversy Addressed, but questions remain…

Shout out to the boy Mike Gordon for hitting me with this in response to last week’s post about whether or not I should join the whole Jay-Z imagery controversy.

As a platform for enlightened conversation and debate sparking, I try to steer clear of gossip on average on this blog unless it’s utterly unavoidable, or happens to careen into my lane. Trust me, there have been times when I wanted to. I had the itch to today, I was strongly tempted by something that may have ruffled some feathers of folks that I know…then I remembered why I do this.

So I wondered if I should’ve posted that whole Jay Video thing last week at all because the subject is so dead now, but I knew my boys Mos and Marv would have something to say and I awaited their response. I really wanted Mos’ point of view, being that this topic is one that he brought up waaaayyy before. His point was one not so muc about who’s a member of what, but who’s controlling who sees what and thru which mediums and Personalities. I get it. I definitely don’t think they’re letting us into their lodges and secret tunnels anytime soon.

However, this week showed the first response from Jay and company, and Mike was kind enough to take things one step further by sending me this link to a posting about an interview with the Director of “On To The Next One”, Sam Brown. http://hiphopwired.com/2010/01/13/“on-to-the-next-one”-director-explains-video/

Here’s what I found to be the most interesting quotes from that;

“For those interested, the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic.”

“There is imagery in this video that is drawn from all over the place. None of it is owned by any one culture or belief system. You can connect anything if you try hard enough, and make it mean anything you want it to.”

And that, was the very point that I was making about the dangers of over-analyzing. Now of course, we can start saying it’s the director who’s into that stuff, not Jay, but everything seems like one big Fuckery-fest at this point.

How about the words from Jay himself??, who I expected to brush things off with a dry laugh and joke just as he did… But yet and still, he hints at the same thing I said about when did the rules change??


And while we’re at it, I just remembered this Dope or should I say ‘abstract’ video from ’97 off of the Soul Assassins album in the era where money and thought was actually being thrown into Hip Hop videos shot-by-shot. Does anyone remember this? Does this mean that Dr. Dre and Cypress Hill are down with the conspiracy too?



  1. Perhaps they’ve all made the same pact with the devil Pat Robertson says Haiti made *side eye for Pat Robertson*

  2. there is no such thing and a iiminatii or New World Order. its all utter bullshit. Its Pharmaceutical Grade Bullshit! Jay Z has donated money to the victims on 9/11, Hurricane Katerina, and helped African nations get Clean water. how in the fuck do niggas look right past all the good thinks a nigga do and trust wild ass speculation. all you conspiracy theories niggas can eat a dick and die slow. I pay for your down fall

    -Young Cezz

  3. just cause people do good doesn’t mean those same people don’t do bad. the good is just promoted. on t.v. for you to see. the bad is always tried to kept hidden. just look at your own life for proof of that. if you cheat on your girl/man you try to hide that fact. you don’t go and brodcast it unless you want them to know about it. to say there is no such thing as a “new world order” even though all the presidents since Bush senior have used that phrase, is cause of great trust in what people with titles or people on t.v. are saying. or trust and believe in something they themself have not looked in to. I ask to all that say conspiracy in the control of the world is not true. what they call the 1% of people who have 96% of wealth? and what do you call the system that has 99% of the people only functioning with 4% of the worlds wealth? if you can’t answer that then you are in no position to say anything true or not. do research. don’t just draw on what you think you know. cause then the question has to come up about where did you get all the information that think you know, and to many times it’s not facts drawn through research it’s heresay they defend so much.

    • I try not to make a habit of arguing with niggas I don’t know about shit that don’t matter but because I know that Malik will read this I respond in order to entertain him and maybe even school your ass right quick

      – 1st of all you dont know nothing about my life, if you did you would have written that comment a lot more respectfully. but don’t worry, I forgive you, you know not what you do.

      – 1% have over 90% of all wealth on earth because thats how everything works, not just finance but EVERYTHING. for evidence that fact all you have to do is “research” the “Pareto principle”. Every rational economist knows that the “Pareto principle” is why so few people have so much wealth… or any thing else. rest assure that its not some fake ass conspiracy bullshit

      – I seen “Zeitgeist”, read books by David Icke and the rest of them conspiracy theroy clowns and the only logical conclusion is that it is all pure bullshit! In the history of Planet earth no Credible author has ever written about this conspiracy mumbojumbo. i know what your thinking “cuz the Illuminati wont let them!!!” if the Illuminati is so powerful why in the fuck is has it taking them thousands of years to take this shit over? Hitler ruled almost 1/2 the world is less then a decade. I know why… cuz its all bullshit

      – even its the illuminati is really and Jay Z worships the devil WHO GIVES A FUCK? you not gonna do shit about it! We are all gonna die one day anyway, our time here is short, so please try to enjoy the time you have left.

  4. just to add. i research what i claim to know as fact. if i don’t claim it to be fact then i’m just stating a thought on a subject or topic drawn from facts that may support it in my thinking.

  5. And it keeps going… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6azXmNmbdM&feature=player_embedded#

    • Brandon – it is made painfully obvious by your typing and grammar that you have no clue what you are chatting about here. Let me clarify a couple of things for you:

      1.) First off, it has not taken the Illuminati, the Freemasons or whatever esoteric organization you want to lay claim, thousands of years to take over. Take a look around you my friend, our civil liberties have already been breached and we are, and have been, living in a prison system. Don’t believe me? I can present a myriad of examples here, but just to put it in terms where you can understand just look at 9/11. Even a person like you has to agree that something is foul there. And why no formal investigation? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway right? “Who gives a fuck”

      2.) Secondly, how can you say “if Jay-Z is a devil worshipper, who gives a FUCK”? It doesn’t matter to you that an artist, perhaps not Jay Z per se, may be actively trying to lead you astray from Truth and Righteousness and down the dark path? Do you worship these artists so much that you would follow them no matter what?

      3.) Lastly, I see your video on Jay Z’s philanthropic water initiative. Does a person’s good deeds negate his underlying evil intentions? That’s like the Mafia when they whack a guy, then come to the guy’s funeral with a ton of flowers – that doesn’t exactly make everything sweet.

      From your logic, because Hitler saved countless lives through his opposition to smoking, and the governments anti-smoking campaign in the Reich, because he created the Autobahn system making transportation much easier, because he also created city center areas that was only open to foot traffic, making shopping more user friendly and mandated parks and open areas for city beautification, and most famously unified his country when it was in its deepest depression making it one of the world’s greatest powers that it doesn’t matter that he inflicted horror on millions of Jews, mentally handicapped, homosexuals, and just those that didn’t fit in? Are you sure you “don’t give a FUCK” if Jay-Z is a devil worshipper?

      shout to Malik 16!

  6. funny you(wasn’t really talking directly to you before, but now I am. hi.) would bring up “pareto’s principle”. which help spawn fascism. and is the equation of totalitarianism. Mussolini used this idea in his governing his people. if you bring it up you must know the people with power are using this to govern or run their companys today. and if they use this principle. you must also know that they are with in a conspiracy to exploit that idea. if you take a look at how “governments” and corporations are working together in the world you are seeing a vision of Fascism or pareto’s principle. and if you look in to the idea of one world government or “new world order” you would see that the people in power are trying to take that principle in to a global way of running things. many say we are already there.you don’t though i don’t think, but still you proved my point to yourself with out you even knowing it. I understand how some people can be with all this illuminati stuff. i’ve really been past it for years. illuminati in my eyes is just something to call the elite ruling class of the world. and the sinister things people have claim they do might just be the top trying to stay on top, but to those that don’t believe in any of it. have not had it come in to their lives. it has always just been some kind of topic to talk about or a way of looking at it, and if it doesn’t fit in to what they believe to be true it’s bullshit. things are not as it seems and that is truth. many don’t know the diffrence between lawful and legal or what the U.C.C is and claim to understand government or claim there is one functioning where they live. no I don’t deal in conspiracy theory. I deal in the fact of conspiracy. and none of it came from a movie or david icke. as for respectfully writing a comment. respect is given to those who show it. and you telling other people to eat a dick and die slow.(casue i know you weren’t talking about me cause malik should tell you to know better. ha) isn’t really respectful. if you want respect shown then some shown then show some. casue right now you get none, and if you think you’re one of those tought guys that damands it. then all i can do is laugh. as for jay-z i couldn’t care less of him or him whorshiping satan or not. shiiiit i listen to necro albums and he screams satanic shit all the time. so shit ain’t new it’s all entertainment nothing jay-z says is taken as truth. by me anyway. i know many that swing on the mans ball hairs. i’m done. malik next topic please.

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