MLK Edition – Hot 16…Or More…EYES CLOSED


it appears that I have sparked some great debate and controversy since I first took it upon myself to add my 2 cents in on this whole Jay-z video imagery thing.

It’s grown into something else altogether, an all out argument over the existence or non-existence of Secret Societies, who’s in them, who knows what, and how we’re effected by them or what we can and can’t even do about it!

So in light of this,

I thought we could all benefit from a nice change of pace as I turn the attention to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the significance of this day.

Now you don’t need me to school you on anything dealing with the good Reverend Doctor because like me, no matter what race you are, if you’ve been schooled in America since a young’n, this is the ONE Black figure who you have gotten a lifetime’s worth of information about. The influence, The Image, the Southern roots, the voice, the viewpoint, the wife, the death, and The speech, oh, let’s NOT forget The speech.

But what I think of when I think of King moreso than anythng is the legacy. And I question it. What did we get from all of his Blood tears and suffering? And what did we do with it? In the aftermath of such an Iconic martyr’s actions and sacrifices, and others like himself, was the dream reached? Are we appreciatiave? or do we just give the universal head nod with the regurgitated factoids that we learned about this Man in elementary class and thank the government for giving us another day to not be at work?

This is what I think about everytime this time of year rolls around. And I press you to think of it too.

Everytime you see Plies or Birdman or Gucci Mane’s new video, do you think;

‘yeah, that’s the dream in action because these are young black men given the chance to make money and provide for themselves and their family, and they make music that transcends race and have listeners of all cultures’?


do you shake your head in disgust knowing that these are young guys with limited education but a massive influence on younger generations, glorifying lifestyles surrounding killing other black men over money (if not for lesser reasons if provoked), selling drugs, misogyny, and heavy recreational drug use?

When you watch the Fantasia or Keyshia Cole reality shows or whoever is out with one this year, is this a win because these women are showing you realities and are living in equal tax brackets as women of other races, being broadcasted nationally on White-owned networks?

Or is it the worst look ever for Blacks in America being that stereotypes are perpetuated, and once again, we run the risk of looking like we don’t match up to the standards of class and poise like our counterparts of  other races?

Truth be told, White people run rampant on television screens. They can afford to have a Jersey Shore, Wife Swap, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

With Blacks only making up a small percentage of national programming, The slate is a little skewed and the stakes are higher when it comes to perception of us as a group of people.

I guess it depends on how you look at these things.

But this is what Iam asking you to ask yourself. Where are you on this spectrum?

I chose to place the picture above for the fact that it always stood out to me since the first time I saw it while cruising the “internets”. It made me think.

And I want you to remember this picture with this humorous but thought provoking line atop, everytime you hear of some ridiculous crime that some person of color committed against another. Or everytime you hear that White friend of yours who you allow to say Nigga.

Just something to think about.

With that,

I give you The King inspired part 1 of  “Eyes Closed”,

My folky, mid-20’s lament on where I was at that point in my life, where people lose their foresight in the pursuit of their dreams, and how perseverance is the only thing that will get you through. The overall theme of this song is the benefit of tunnel vision.

This track was the first song over original music that I recorded at the onset of my career in 2006 . I went to visit my Boy and longtime producer, The Politician, while in D.C. and we cooked up 3 songs in one weekend. This was the most profound, and some of you may realize that this is the very song that you can see me performing blindfolded on the EPK of my site, MALIK-16.COM

This is the first verse. And it goes a little something like…

“I am,

The American Dream in Technicolor,

‘Cept the color has faded,

– every second a nigga’s cuffed, for every other who made it.

(It got buried with DR. KING)

cause all the stuff with his name is,

known for violence…

no surprise – check your MLK strip.

It’s the same with Malcolm X,

my mom on Lenox,

and her block be looking like Gotham,

that’s a problem when it

– ain’t no niggas with capes,

jumping out of project windows,

so I keep a Bat, Man

in the car where I’m sittin.

Especially when crooked cops, wanna Sean Bell niggas,

guess they raised the number of shots,

since Diallo,

and I

– couldn’t make no promises since I,

didn’t make it out of college and since then,

I been tryin’a make some logic and sense of ,

this game I’m involved in, yet it’s

been so elusive – the truth is:

Hip-hop product ain’t sellin’,

the way it used ta – the booth is:

just how I calm down my headache

– and I said it before – I’m putting the mic down,

-there I go pickin’ it back up again,

and yeah I might fall,

but it’s my life now,

I don’t know how, but I know I’mma Win….

On that…

Highway to pay the toll,

sucka niggas hatin’,

– tell ’em blind faith is all I know,

– jumpin’ with my Eyes Closed

They don’t know,

– I’m ridin’ with my Eyes Closed

They don’t know.”

Hope you learned something…

You may download this song here for as long as the link works;

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  1. here is a video of a white man speaking of Dr. King.

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