Go Visit The New WWW.MALIK-16.COM!!!

Okay Kiddies,

Back in Full Effect is the site bearing my name. The place where it all started.


There would be no 16’sCandles without Malik-16.com

This was my intro to the world, my first foray into the web universe and the branding of my identity.

This revamp marks the end of an era. As well as a new beginning.

This is the last time working with my beautiful collaborator Amina Brown.

In a way, we both grew a degree or so since Fall 2006 when this all started. Always the astute businesswoman and entreprenuer, I’ve worked with her from her start at Thirdeyedigital media to her own Avenue 8 Design comapny.

She’s taken off to pursue bigger and better things but her work with me is greatly appreciated.

Everything ever done on the site has been a product of us putting our heads together.

I remember my Behind The Rhyme section of the site, which was the springboard for the Hot 16 …Or More… section of this blog. I was ambitious enough to think I could put up monthly videos of myself rapping (In my closet of all places!) and breakdowns of the meanings and literary devices within the verses.

It was a dope idea. And Amina helped me execute it in a dope way, but all things must come to an end…

3 Mission statements, 5 mixtapes and 4 Site Intros later, and what I leave you with is this;

Malik-16.com – The stationary homepage, complete with all you need to get well acquainted with the best artist you’ve never heard of: Co-signs, EPK, Bio, a video explanation, exclusive downloads of my first 2 mixtapes, My now legendary Rap City appearance, and links to this very blog. The Spinoff in a sense…

Something Old, something New, something Borrowed, something Blue.

Click the logo to go visit the site and Learn a little more than you thought you knew about the man with the New York City train station bubbles in his name.

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