16’s Candles Presents New Malik-16 Mixtape on MONDAY Feb.1st : THE ZOLOFT FILES volumes 1-2

You may have heard me mention this project before. It’s a collection of Thought -provoking and partially somber songs over industry beats written last summer during an uninspired period in my life which I guess turned out to be more inspiring than I thought. Actually it’s several installments of 8 song-long mini-mixtapes, but starting February 1st, I’l be running them concurrently, highlighting a song a day until February 16th.

Stay tuned everyday, as this is my most weighty set of recordings so far and by far my favorite mixtape since The Crazy 8’s (Go cop it on my site, WWW.MALIK-16.COM).

See you on Monday.

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  1. Bitch had a nigga trippin!!! hahahahaha

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