*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…LOVER OF LOVE

Day 3 ya’ll,

and how fitting that the boy Brandon Carter decides to use his run-by as a platform to try to play me on the Love-life tip and the supposed motivation behind this very project.

It goes right in line with the song that we’ll be getting into the lyrics of today.

This is one of my favorite rhymes to read written. I think it highlights the seriousness of what I’m saying where it may get lost due to my playful delivery on the track.

This is actually the sister song to track 7 on this same volume.

They go into my approach towards Love and what I invest into it.

This stands as a favorite not only because it’s therapuetic, but I think it’s half self-deprecating, Part accepting, and part not-give-a-fuck tone gives a different spin on the typical rapper introspection.

Besides that,

It’s pretty Self -explanatory.

Whereas Andre spoke on the Love Hater or Hater of Love,

This is my life as the opposite…

“Stupid Muthafuckas like me!

Fall in Love with the thought of Love,

better warn your daughters – hide their student IDs.

Cause more than likely…

I probably Court ’em – only to get Caught up in like, 4 months – watch me call ’em Wifey.

Yeah it’s sorta my thing,

Cause when it come to borderline divorces: I’m King!

And all the time I walk the line and cross it slightly,

Start talking prematurely on some yours and mine things,

that should not be discussed…

And I get gassed up cause I’m awarded Highly, in the sport of Piping!

And it’s not me to trust – But I…

Don’t usually,


I’ll be honest…I promise…

Cause it’s got me disgusted!

What’s this??!!

Some Pimp,

Look to me more like a square,

Hooked to these broads like a brassieres,

– I make me Hate me – I swear!

But is it true??

Am I really that pitiful?

This is me at my most analytical.

Let’s strip dude apart:

Big kid with big heart,

been with,

been apart,

This is-n’t a smart decision

-cause this in-ci-sion’s beginning an op-er-a-tion,

that can take a lifetime – and the doc…

Is Dr. Love

And she ain’t got no patience for me,

cause I complain too much, and she got other patients to see.

So patch me up – give me my clothes back,

close that hole that you started making…

clearly I have got that anxious disease.

I’m in Love with being in Love,

and even tho it ain’t really happen to me, E-nough…

I be chasing with speed.

So here’s my co-pay,

I gots to go – Hey!

There’s a future failure waiting for me.

Making believe,

making a tree,

one day to be…

K-I-S-S, I-N-G

-with the Love of my life,

Hopefully not just my Love for tonight,

It’s no wonder why I find myself time and time again in that cycle – Love Potion # 9,

til I find her – I’m the stupid muthafucka saying I Love. I Love. I Love…”

Hope you learned something.

Click the picture of the Mixtape Cover to Download it so you can hear this song in all of it’s Glory!

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