*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More… THE FAME

For this being Day 6 of Volume 1, and the Anniversary weekend of Big Pun’s passing,

I wanted to highlight my wordiest, Strongest cut, which is a diatribe on the thing that we all chase in this biz on some level, conscious or sub-conscious.

Everyone wants to be remembered,

and here, starting from my second verse, where the song gains momentum, is where I delve deeper into that desire of both yours, and mine…

“What’s funny is:

Famous people don’t want it…

they write songs complainin’ of it,

-the average Joe love it!

Life long he dreamin’ to touch it – Thinkin:

‘Why would you work so hard, to go an’ bitch about it?

This is what you wanted,


-Ain’t you got rich around it??!’

Fame and the fortune -but more than often they say they prefer the latter over the former,

and forget about it.

But ask them can they really live without it?

It’s better to NEVER had than to had and then lost,

think about it.

They take the former over latter,

but ask any former actor or has-been,

see how they all are playin’ catch-up.

And dwellin’ in the past cause,

it’s better than the now…

the drugs,

the pressure,

that probably let to the down


celeb – stuff,

paparazzi that hounds,

and you smile with your heads up,

all for the love of crowds.

Who can dead you in a second,

build you up just to break you,

Love to applaud the underdog,

Hate you after they made you!

What a sadistic society,

why is it that we take pride in the act of seeing people crash entirely?

Is it cause we feel like they deserve it?

they in the public eye, they do a public service…

they know just what they signed up for the moment they chose, to be a personality,

Or is it more that we losers and need some personality?

Or wanna see someone’s blues,

to see our personalities…

ain’t too different after all…

After all of the 7-figure digits – is it that we all wanna see,

that we are stitched into the same web of life?

Whether liked or disliked,

or it’s like,

we take these personalities,

and just wanna shit on them?

rip ’em, then strip ’em.

So we can feel different ’bout or mundane rigamaroo,

take our own faults in ourselves,

and attribute them to,

– these personalities,

sound to me, like Greek mythology,

building Gods, to give the Gods all of these…

Human traits…

and shortcomings just so you can say,


we all one in the same,

we all done it!’

And if we talkin’ Greek,

we run into Rome…

Our ideas of entertainers,

mirror the Gladiators.

We love our stars to Death:

thumbs up to thumbs down,

throw ’em to the lions once they unwound, and come down.

But on the come-up!

Once they co-signed – it’s like,

everybody wanna,

be down for the rise,

of the next

And we all love a come-back – Yes!

It’s just genius!

we all have a Phoenix complex.

The thing that’s the craziest is,

staring in the face of all this,

…I’m still tryin’a force my way in.

I know the costs,

know the payment, know the stakes of the win,

“I got a taste of that steak, in The Matrix – I’m in!

Fame you my friend…”

Word to Fain that’s my man,

you would know that from my last mixtape but again…

You probably Don’t know who Iam,

and why I’m rapping so strong or so long,

well welcome to The Zo-loft, files

And if you’ve gotten here so far,

you know all of my fears by now – and one of them is gettin’ old-er!

And the second one is fallin’ in love with Love, or not findin’ it,

the third most important and final is…

Not seein’ my name up in them bright lights and shit,

I don’t wanna die as just,

another name with a dash

I wrote my name with a dash,

cause Iam the 1st and I’m the 6th,

I’m the first and last – my boys talked me out retirement.

Cause no one knows me,

I wanna be on those screens – so I can be able to complain about those things…

With folks buying seats way in the nosebleeds,

Just to hear me recite my shit,

-don’t let me die tryin’ cause nigga,

I’m too nice with this!

Shout out to all the guys and chics, workin’ a 9 to 5 – but no, not I!

Cause I’m tryin’a live forever,

so what I want is

The FAME!”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

R.I.P. Pun. You are forever Famous!

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