R.I.P. Big Pun

In memory of Christopher “Big Pun” Rios and his legacy, I just wanted to put up a few of the hits.

Starting with the 2010 update/revisit of the classic Pun track “Glamour Life”, nicely done by the kid AC (Who my sometimes group of Dominicans, The Balance, collabed with last year), Realm Reality (A.K.A. Rick Gonzalez – you know, the kid who starred in Coach Carter and Illegal Tender?), Termanology, and Pun’s son himself, Baby Pun!.

This is my first new favorite song of the year. Shit like this makes me Love rap!

Here’s the trailer from the Pun documentary that came out not too long ago.  We may all want to check this out, if we call ourselves hip-hop fans.

How many hardcore rappers can say they did a joint with J.Lo back in her Grammy-winning days? With no peep of a mention of losing street cred.

And  2 of my favorite joints off of the Capital Punishment album;

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