CotDammit John Mayer….

I won’t post the interview or it’s excerpts up, because by now, you’ll be able to catch the most “inflammatory” parts all over the web.

I will, however

show you the source where you can read the interview in it’s entirety.

Now I am a John Mayer fan.

But I have also heard the infamous tales of him being a Grade A asshole in real life. This sentiment was recently reiterated by the homegirls Seshie and Morgan, who also follow him on twitter.

I also have picked up on his penchant for overt sarcasm and colorful commentary over the past few years. So I’m not sure exactly how “inflammatory” these “inflammatory” comments are…

It could just fall in line with every other off-brand statement he’s made to the press.

In this interview, he ruffles plenty of feathers, including Jessica Simpson’s (but wait! feathers?.. Is she chicken?or Fish?), but I wonder, is this just another case of Black people being too sensitive for all of the wrong reasons? I’m just waiting for Al Sharpton to pop out somewhere tomorrow, seeing as to how he only comes out for these menial situations.

If we’ve paid attention to Mayer’s M.O. by now, why would we be surprised by anything outlandish that he says? Obviously, if you look at what he’s saying in full, he’s very aware of his perception and the perception of him. He’s also very aware of what he’s saying. Now the real question here, was did he not anticipate the feeble-mindedness of the average reader – or the domino effect that controversial hearsay would have upon feedback from this interview? Did he even realize that this interview would reach the public so widely? Like, did he not realize that this was an interview in PLAYBOY fuckin magazine??! America’s Guilty pleasure? Or did he just assume that of course, only intellectual people actually READ the articles in Playboy as opposed to just staring at the landing strips on the centerfolds, and therefore, anyone with that level of logical reasoning wouldn’t take his remarks out of context nor take offense to them?

The even bigger question is, Did he really even give a fuck??! And does he have to?

We accept crazy talk from personalities that we deem as brash and extreme, but when it comes from our tamer idols, we get up in arms. Nelly can testify to this. Luke can have girls on video eating each other out, and then make a song about it, but don’t let it be the guy who made “Dillema”. Andrew Dice Clay can be as coarse as can be, but if it’s our favorite emo-guitar guy that the rappers like….it’s OVER.

Well maybe John wants to be like those guys who get away with that shit. Maybe he looks like he’s in league with Michael Buble, but he feels more like O.D.B. inside. And I’m not condoning any of this, I’m just trying to put it in another perspective of understanding. Maybe he just didn’t give a fuck! He just wanted to tell you how much Jessica Simpson is a hot piece of ass, how Black women don’t do it for him, and how much he acknowledges that he has a “hood pass”, but not an official hood pass because he still can’t get away with saying stuff like the word Nigger. And just to test the waters, he’s going to use the word Nigger just to show you how much that hood pass doesn’t really exist after all.

And you all just proved him right because I’m sure plenty of you will refuse to support him any longer and snatch that pass right back!

I for one, Love when people are this honest because they tell you who they really are. At least you know where he stands.  It’s what keeps you hanging off of every word in a 50 Cent interview. Or the latest Kanye Rant. For an artist of John’s stature, this interview is a publicists’ nightmare. But for an artist of John’s stature, maybe it’s kind of dope that he broke the rules.

True, he should know better. he’s a smart dude. But the only place he fucked up was by actually using the full out N word and not using softer language to get his points across. I’ve come to the conclusion that every White person in the world has or will say Nigger at least once in their lives…if for no other reason than just to see how it feels to say it. You try being told that there’s one word in your entire lifetime that you’re never allowed to say…see where the Pandora’s Box of your mind takes you!

I personally am more offended by the white folk who use it casually and think nothing of it because some Black people in their lives have allowed them to continually repeat it.

But in this case, he’s being very cognizant of the African-American demographic, and if anything, he’s admitting to a character flaw within himself. He’s telling you that he would like to, but up until this point in his life, hasn’t found himself sexually attracted to Black women. Honest enough. Would I be a reverse racist when I state that Iam not sexually attracted to White women? Because Iam not, on average.

I’m like him in a way…..

due to the fact that I love women to the extreme that I do, I do find the beauty in all sexy women of all shades and races, But I know my first preference always has and always will be Black women!

I try to tell people all the time, that the biggest part of attraction is psychological. Alot is based on what we’re exposed to and how we’ve taken in ideas of beauty throughout the courses of our lives. Once we accept that, we’ll realize that there’s not some magic key that we’re born with that tells us who to date and mate with.

But nevermind all of that, let me end this post with the apology…

cause that’s what you want anyway isn’t it?

“using the ‘N word’ in an interview: I am sorry that I used the word. And it’s such a shame that I did because the point I was trying to make was in the exact opposite spirit of the word itself. It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it, because I realize that there’s no intellectualizing a word that is so emotionally charged.

And while I’m using today for looking at myself under harsh light, I think it’s time to stop trying to be so raw in interviews… It started as an attempt to not let the waves of criticism get to me, but it’s gotten out of hand and I’ve created somewhat of a monster. I wanted to be a blues guitar player. And a singer. And a songwriter. Not a shock jock. I don’t have the stomach for it.

Again, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m equivocating: I should have never said the word and I will never say it again.”

I do want to give John his props tho, for shouting out Kerry Washington (I agree, she seems to have white girl swag where it counts), and for even KNOWING who Holly Robinson-Peete is! Not too many Black guys remember or acknowledge her, let alone some random whiteboy. Maybe he watched alot of 21 Jumpstreet reruns back in the day. She was and still is pretty damn hot! And her charity involvements rock!

And to close it out, why not leave you crazy kids with an Apropo ditty?

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  1. U know what, I’m not even mad at the white boi other than the fact he actually said nigger.dnt know what he was thinkin But I dnt think he ment it maliciosly u know. Sum ppl I kno r mad he dnt like black women. So what? I know guys that dnt like white women, it dnt make em racist or bad or nunna that shit.I don’t like pickles, or veggies or loud ass ppl. Mabey I’m just being stupid? I c it like this, if u like black women, then that leaves more for u, right? To each his own.

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