MALIK-16 pAYS tRIBUTE tO Ralph McDaniels

Here’s some Classic snapshots of the kid doing his thing for the Initiative Radio’s Salute to The legendary Ralph McDaniels at Bowery Poetry Club. I extended the love by rocking with the homegirl Indigo.

I wish I had the picture of uncle Ralph himself coming to the stage to personally thank me and dap the kid up for paying homage.

But The next best thing is to drop this additional pic here of the man himself alongside the organizer, Ms. Angela McKenzie, or as I like to call her, Angela Mack!

She’s also my Newest Crush and will Probably pop-up in this month’s Crush Alot segment centered around News reporters and media personalities. So Stay tuned…

By The Way, the homegirl Reenie a.k.a. GangStarrGirl Posted a dope clip Yesterday of Ralph talking about the history of his baby, New York’s own Video Music Box. Courtesy Of

Here’s the link;

(Sure I coulda just put up the vid – But I want ya’ll to go to her site, dammit!)

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  1. What a dope show!

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