The truth about why Men Cheat! Courtesy of Brandon Carter

My homegirl Tyiesha from the Bank across the street came into my day gig the other day in the midst of a testosterone-filled afternoon thanks to ever-so-reliable controversy sparkers, Gee and non other than Brandon Carter.

Well….Ms. Tyiesha had a question that seemed simple enough to her, as it does to most women apparently, but is really the age old question that’s been tormenting their minds for centuries now. Her question?

Why do men cheat? If they know they’re gonna cheat, why have a girlfriend?

The answer is as simple in actuality as her question seemed in theory.

Watch here as Brandon Breaks it down for all women. For any of you men who somehow didn’t know this, I guess this is Man-Up 101 for you as well!

Let me just go on record as saying that this is a conversation that I have held a million times, I prompted this particular convo, and I would like it to be known that I do not condone nor relate to any man who cheats in a serial fashion. In other words, I don’t associate with CHEATERS on average. I don’t respect what they do, nor have I ever been. YET, it is my firm belief that almost EVERY Man WILL CHEAT if given the proper oppurtunity, and have cheated at least once in their lifetimes (if they are the kind that actually get women). I know women cheat alot as well, but our reasons are totally different…Mainly because men don’t require reason at all for their infidelites. And yes, I have cheated before.

Your thoughts?


  1. Can I be your +1 at Mr. Carter’s wedding? *sarcastic face*

  2. Real Talk right there!

  3. Wow Brandon, haha

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