Iran’s Pres Question’s U.S.’ greatest tragedy

America’s Favorite new public enemy, The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has once again raised the ire of the Western world with his comments.

According to the Associated Press, last week, the Unapologetically vocal figurehead referred to the September 11th attacks as “a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan“. He also stated that they were a “complicated intelligence scenario and act.

Here’s a link to a fuller report of the story.

Now whatever Ahmadinejad’s stance means to you or however you may feel about him, what he does represent is someone who symbolizes a threat to the U.S. sensibilities. Of all of the villains of this country, he is the first in my lifetime that I recall invoking such reactions through mere questions of conduct. His barbs come not in the form of aggressive damnation or intense nationalist furor, but more premeditated taunts that carry the same sentiments as those other approaches without the worked up frenzy.

These comments will no doubt bring out the conspiracy theorists as rain does Earthworms, but as someone who treds the line somewhere between a quasi-patriot by default, and someone intrigued by films like Zeitgeist and books like New World Order, I can’t ignore them.

For one, something must be said about the idea of the appropriate. As Americans, the magnitude of the September attacks is so large that we have taken on this mode of ‘we’ve lived through it, let’s not dwell on the tragic event and silently and solemnly acknowledge it as we move on with our lives’. It’s almost as though all questions concerning the happenings got silenced and buried once the War on Terrorism began. It became a dogpile of who can be more American? And how American are you?? And anyone not believing the popular opinion was a dissenter. So it became harder and harder to scrutinize this greatest Tragedy of the 21st century United States so far, as more years passed and the popular opinion became the official fact. But when someone like this comes along and puts such an emotional and significant situation under a scope, the audacity overshadows the question itself. These are the things however, that we should pay more attention to, because no matter how brazen it is, or how uncomfortable it may make us, this is how truth gets uncovered and things get found out. Word to Michael Moore.

Iam always super-curious when America is so adamant about a country or person who poses a threat and the lengths we go to to suppress their influence or expansion. It makes me wonder why? What can possibly take place from their progression, even if their ideology is the antithesis of everything we as a nation stand for? Will the entire world paradigm shift and rock our basic economic structure? Half the world already hates us as it is! Of course economics are at the root of all conflict internationally. I just don’t know how because  this is not my realm of discussion. And if not solely that, then I’m afraid of the darker motive behind wanting to squash something so extremely different than your own; Fear. Or Pride. Both proven to be age old catalysts for Genocides, Homicides and all cides for as long as we can remember.

So while I’m not one of those people in a hurry to leave my country for another with it’s own set of B.S., I do always “keep one eye open like…CBS”…


  1. i’ll start by saying that what he said isn’t shocking. everywhere in the world the fact that people with in the united states government, economic and , media circles were involved in the planing excuting and covering up of the september 11 attacks is commonly know and being openly said with in their media and media all over the world.. it’s only in the united states that there is such doubt. i find it hard to think that people still believe any part of the “offical story”. the only reason someone would have a problem with what irans president said is ignorance. the people in the united state are in love and married to the public relations about the US. “home of the free land of the brave”. we are neither.. we are not free and very much in fear. most people believe what they are told by the TV. what i rememeber about september 11 is that the next day every one was saying that bin laden did it. bin laden was in everybodys mouth. but until that day most hadn’t heard that name before. now everyone knew he did it.. where did everyone get that from.. TV. you eat it all up.. we didn’t go out and try to read up on him or find out who he is. and the motives he had for doing it. we just ate up all we were fed by the TV. no one really reads any more. they just lie about reading and lie about the fact that they get their info from TV. i could go in to how it’s proven that wall street companys robbed the country blind and most evidence and paper trail was destroyed in the WTC and the pentagon. the countless eye wittnesses that say with out a doubt there were explosives heard and seen goig off.. how it possible that WTC building 7 a 47 story office building not hit by a plane falls faster the free fall speed. and on and on and on.. but doesn’t really matter casue those who don’t want to believe won’t and won’t even look in to it. they will just dismiss it with no proof and no research and go have a few beers and watch some TV. they won’t believe it until the media comes out and says it and states it as fact. these people. malik i’m done trying to convince people that are happy believing the lie.. it makes their life easyer. they don’t want to think about any of this even if it is true… it’s like the bald white dude in the first marix movie that wants to go back and eat the make believe steak. lot of people are like that.. it’s easy to get told whats going on and taking it in than going out and seeing what it really is and have your reality shaken cause all you trusted and believe was true was all just a lie. i’ma write something better on this topic and e-mail it to you malik. i’m done for now..

  2. I don’t trust this government as far as I can throw it, and let me tell you- I have NO upper body strength!

    Every statement issued, etc, I take with FIVE grains of salt. Why? I was living with/married to a history major for 13yrs…when you get to know the real deal about the US you can’t unlearn it. You just can’t.

    Why do I stay instead of basking in the sun in DR, a hair-pin’s throw from the beach and a never-ending supply of fresh guavas?? Mannnn, the plumbing. The electricity. And the lighthouse at Montauk Point. Can’t be beat.

  3. once you learn truth you can’t unlearn it. that is correct. if more people would just take a good look at whats going on do some reading, hear some of the wall street whistleblowers that have proof of insider trading by top CEO’s in every large investment company. take a look at the footage and really think about how fire can bring down a steel and concrete building in 9.2 seconds. look up at what temperature steel begins to weaken at then see what is the hottest temperature jet fuel can burn at, and you will see it’s an impossiblity. for people that believe and trust in this government it’s hard for them to take in. it’s like being around back when most people thought the earth was flat. when the news was spreading that the earth was really round. they didn’t want to hear it they violently rejected it. not becasue they couldn’t believe the world was round. they didn’t want to face the fact that they and their family and everyone they knew views of the world was wrong. they wanted to hold on to their traditions. thats what we have here in this country. what the truth about 9/11 tells people is that everything you were taught about you government and country is wrong. it is a big lie. “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”.– Dresden James.. “As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.”– J Billings.. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”– George Orwell.. these are a few quotes on truth. “our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have” – Richard Salant (1917 – 1993) former President of CBS News.. people like this are deciding what you should have to make decisions. if you’re not where you want to be in the world, it’s because the informantion you’re using to make your decisions is not as close to reality as it could be.. wake up and see that nothing is more important. as bob marley said “How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and look?” get up stand up. stand up for your rights. it’s what good has belssed us with. don’t give up the fight…..

  4. Yea we all pretty much got played and will continue too. Cuz the fucked up thing is that no matter what the truth truth is about 911 it will NeVER come out. No matter who planned it. So y waste time thinkin about all the bullshit this country puts u thru. There’s also shit u can’t do elsewhere. So its take the good with the bad. Unless MOS comes back ( if hey let yo ass. Lol) and shows me how all this bullshit we dnt know about WILL work for me n others and, not just CAN work for us. But dude, u gotta come back. Cuz if there’s a way to make life sweet out here and using they own shit against them , then its not doin us any good from the carribean. I wanna c freedom not just hear about it. Na meen? I think that’s the reason ppl dnt wanna hear abohut it and prefer make believe steak. Cuz make belive anything is better than wak ass nuthin. For example, if bonin (lol) a 6 , imma close my eyes and think real real hard about that dime piece. Lol. Ur definetly right about life being easier not knowin the truth. Cuz a muffukka might die knowin he can’t do shit about a fucked up situation and be tormented for the rest of his life over it.

  5. Nicely written article, but to use the analogy of what you call ‘conspiracy theorists’ to earth worms and later saying “half the world hate us” get nil point from me.

    By far the most prolific and significant conspiracy theorists are national governments and the elite establishment they front up. What you are doing is choosing which conspiracy to side with, and given the truism when you said “It’s almost as though all questions concerning the happenings got silenced and buried once the War on Terrorism began” the lack of consistency forces me to take a sharp intake of breath.

    As for the “half the world hate us” comment, it is bereft of any obvious sarcasm or irony so I surmise some executive at Fox thoroughly deserves his annual bonus. Perhaps I could open your mind to an alternative, and that is to say “perhaps half the world hates what the US administration and the US military are doing”.

    You associate that with ‘us’, so I think I can see what side you dress.

    Many USans declare ‘not in my name’. You might like to think about that too.

    Or perhaps not?

  6. No, I’m not going to act like Iam not a U.S. citizen and apart of this machine by way of that. Iam not an ex-patriot who can separate myself from the actions that take place by and from this country. I may be jaded, leary and wary, but if I travel across seas into any territory that has an anti-American sentiment, Iam automatically representative of this nation and it’s ideologies and policies. There is no room for me to say, ‘hey guys, look – I’m not the government or the military’! They’re not gonna want to hear that! So when I say “we” and “us”, yes – I mean every born and bred American who claims this as their home and benefits from the products of capitalism.
    That is why I was concerned enough to write this post to begin with. The moves made by the government and military leave us all as civilians at the mercy of retaliatory actions. I think we, the public, should be better informed by our government as to why the people who are ‘threats” to us are threats to begin with. It’s been shown that more than half the country couldn’t tell you why we are in Afghanistan or Iraq right now, let alone why we are at odds with North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. It’s deeper than a nuclear arms race I’m sure. For that, I say there is certainly a large number of nations that hate us. More countries than nought. And by “us”, once again, I mean every single American – be it our thought process, our priveleges, our culture, our history or our military strategy. Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American…etc…
    We must question our government.
    However, you calling the government the biggest conspiracy theorists is a loose and base-less comment. Where are you coming to that conclusion? Are you alluding to their tactics to stir hysteria or mass cover-ups and propaganda? If so, then you and I aren’t really saying anything too different from one another.

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