*Late Edition* Sex & The Chocolate City – Entry #15

Secret Relationship Killer: Money

I hope you’ve all had a chance to read the introduction to this Secret Relationship Killers series and the first two installments- Number 5: Bad Breath & Body Odor and Number 4: Your Best Friend. Now we move on to Number 3: Money.

I feel the word itself is all the explanation needed. Money is the root of most problems, the cause of most wars, that includes the battles of the sexes.  Truthfully, it’s no secret that money is a relationship killer, I am really not telling you anything new. But, there’s a spin on this problem that some have overlooked. You ever have the mo’ money mo’ problems type of issue or a I’m broke it’s no joke type of issue. The way you deal with these issues is the relationship killer.


I was once dating a guy who had money, lots of it, but he couldn’t quite explain where it came from. I ruled out drugs because he simply wasn’t savvy enough for that type of business. He treated me like princess and I didn’t object to it. Yet, for some reason, it bothered me. It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch, not knowing HOW he made his money. Some would say that’s none of my business and who cares but I cared. I wanted to know! And that nosiness, that curiosity, was the killer. In the end, I found out he had an inheritance. Nothing spectacular about it. But my insistence to know was a turn off. Lesson learned.

Poking your nose in someone’s financial affairs that is not your spouse is just plain rude. I’ve heard countless of girlfriends interrogating their boyfriends on the train about the amount of money they made that day. Instead of worrying about someone’s elses pockets, you should be worried about your own. And if that curiosity is eating away at you and you can’t practice restraint, then consider yourself official single cause why would anyone want to be with someone that can’t.


(Editor’s Note: In Penalty for TDJ’s lateness in delivering this post, we’re departing from using our regular Sex & The Chocolate City banner and using this default chocolate image as the dunce version – Thanks Tiff! – all I know is that Entry #16 Better be special!)

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