Happy 16th!!!

This is one of those rare occasions where I get to do something special!

Now, I may not be the MOST consistent blogger out there, but if there’s one part of this site that you can rely on to keep it afloat, that’s the vainglorious segment that we like to call Sex & The Chocolate City, brought to you by our resident renaissance woman, MISS TDJ!

It’s supposed to be a tuesday thing, but sometimes it just misses it’s mark. You can all thank TDJ for that. But I digress…

Being that this is the commemorative 16TH ENTRY, and today is the 16TH,

I just thought it’d be nice to give you a little bit more than the usual. Wht that entailed, I left strictly up to the T herslef, but why she chose to turn it into a FREAK blog, only she can tell you! I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s about SEX. The column is titled Sex & The Chocolate City. So it’s bound to be tempting and intriguing if not somewhat educational.

Anything else would be a shame to my namesake. This is 16’s Candles after all…

Read safely. Happy 16TH!

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