And now, On to something more serious…High Fructose Corn Syrup & YOU!

You’ve heard the talking.

Apparently, so have the corn agriculturalists of America.

As the Country has progressed, or rather as people have followed one another  into the stylized movement of making healthier choices, the main culprit who has taken the biggest fall and become a sort of face of what to stay away from is mr. HFCS. Or as my veggies like to call it, High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Now as someone who grew up reading labels on the backs of things I consumed, I’ve always seen this product in almost everything, and I knew that it had to be some kind of sweetener or sugar substitute. Despite my awareness of this, I never ventured far enough to actually discover what this ingredient was, where it came from (Besides the obvious, corn) and why it was so prevalent.

So now, in the common era of pseudo-health conscious people rebelling against the junk that’s been thrown in our faces and jammed down our throats, and opting for Whole Foods check-out lines, the inquiry was bound to surface. Only this inquiry is presented with frustration, a kind of Matrix-like unplugging that has left folks banging down the doors of manufacturers, Big brands, and the farming industry and FDA demanding answers to why we’ve been subjected to this product so heavily. The sentiment and downturn has become such a hot-button topic that recently it was the subject of a CBS news report.

In the coverage, a reporter even went so far as to state that

“High fructose corn syrup is just sugar with an image problem.”

Quite the statement. But why is High Fructose Corn Syrup in so many things?


the industry has proposed to answer this question and many others by setting up the site,

By now, You may have seen the colorful tongue-in-cheek commercials aimed at making HFCS detractors feel dumb. If not, I encourage you to go check out the site if you’re interested and see the great efforts being made to dispel and dismiss the  negative attention. Complete with multi-ethnic adorable babies, and cleverly placed family shots.

I strongly urge you to check out the myths section. Especially the Questions and Answers

But to give you  a balance of perspectives from both sides, please read this write-up from this site that I stumbled across that points out the darker side of things

Where do you stand on this issue? All I know is that I stopped purchasing beverages with High Fructose Corn Syrup (Besides my occasional Vanilla Coke – it’s the best!) since 2007. I discourage my nephew from any juice that’s not 100% juice, and hate that I drink from the gun at the bar where I work at when I’m thirsty. Admittedly, I have not done the research my self, until I began writing this post, but when my veggie friends and nutritionists friends warn me against something enough times, I Listen and don’t hesitate!

I come from a section of life where unhealthy products are promoted, positioned and reinforced consistently through the local food providers, so this has been life for kids who grew up like me, opting for that quarter water or that $1.00 soda instead of that $1.00 water or $4.00 Naked brand juice with all natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce. As a matter of fact, our stores rarely have drinks like Naked. And if they do, you have to get past a whole front line of other enticing, colorful, witty-named drinks with sleek bottle designs and tempting flavors before you even notice them squeezed next to 50 Cent’s Vitamin Water Flavor.

We justify so much under the guise of  ‘everything in moderation’, but how can you be moderate in the face of such over-abundance?

And with that, go check your Ocean Spray, Tropicana and Snapple!


  1. Food Inc the movie, a must see for all. Please educate yourselves on what you are putting in your body.

  2. Now put those Skittles down!

  3. Ever since diabetes snatched my grandmother from us, we’ve been staying away from this ‘silent killer’ lest we meet the same fate.

    However I’m lucky enough to have been brought up in a house where Kool-aids and the like were not the norm- we always drank REAL juices or water or milk. That’s all. My mom was strict about that and candy.

    Some say my kids are deprived. Whatever- I’m sure their insides are happy that we’re so strict!

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