Estelle x Nina B on the SXSW coverage

Like I said before, It is Women’s History Month, and I will continue showing the love where I can here and there.

I stumbled across this clip from The and their coverage of the annual South By SouthWest festival that takes place in Texas e’rry year and attracts all of my contemporaries bubblin’ under the radar. In this particular clip, the boy WordSpit (you may know him from the McDonald’s dollar van commercial – or my shout out to him in the “Subway Bus Or Walking” joint), plays interviewer to fly Ladies Estelle and Ms. Nina B. We know they both hold it down for hip-hop culture hard!

Now I got this clip from a post Nina put up. Just wanted to show her love. She’s everywhere and always in the mix.  She’s even on the intro to my website,

Act like you know!

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