More High Fructose Corn Syrup!!!


to follow up on my post last week about High Fructose Corn Syrup and you,

there has been a new study that has garnered some controversy.

Check out this article from

All I’m sayin….Where’s Brandon at when you need his punk ass to comment on something worthwhile??


  1. look fam. this is not a real debate. its like when pot heads try to tell you the smoking weed is “better for you” than smocking tobacco. so mutha-fucking what! they will both kill yo ass! the ads for High Fructose Corn Syrup say its just as “safe” as sugar is. What????? suger is the fucking DEVIL!

    Sugar is not natural!!! its starts off as a sugar cane, then its processed into molasses. then the molasses is processed into brown sugar. then the brown sugar is processed into white sugar

    by the time its processed 4 fucking gotdamn times its much more like a chemical than a “food” (that word “food” is used far to loosely, just cuz you can swallow something dose not make it real food) your body dont know what the fuck that shit is, so it just stores it as FAT, that the root of the obesity epidemic.

    more people die form obesity in the US than from AIDS, Drunk Driving, Cancer, and Terrorism combined!!!! Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are the root of this problem.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup can suck my dick!

  2. weed has never killed anyone ever in the history of all man kind. if FACT hemp cures cancer, no not smoking it. but consontrated thc cures cancer thats a proven fact i advise you to look it up Brandon. you might what to look in to getting some thc in you body if you really want to be at ypur healthest

  3. Brandon smokes too by the way. Or at least he used to.
    Come the fuck on Mos with this talk! Hemp is one thing. Putting SMOKE into your body is a whole nother thing completely. There’s no way around that! It’s Smoke in your fuckin body!!! Next time you have on a black T-shirt and you’re smoking, lift that shirt over your mouth and exhale and see what your shirt looks like. Weed comes from a plant, but just like corn syrup, by the time you get it, please believe there’s some more shit in it. Why do you smokers act like it’s not what it is?? It’s not red meat vs. Veggies son. It’s a fucking drug. I don’t care how much less harmful it is than others. I want it legalized too, but I’m so over this weed shit. I’m sick of talking about it. Sick of dumb smoking chics and pothead anthems. How come we don’t want kids doing it if it’s so harmless? Fuck THC!

  4. if you take the effects of all other “mind altering drugs” you’ll see that weed isn’t a drug. smoking is harmful, cause yea it is put burn celulose in to you lungs. if you really look at the damages your vanilla coke is doing it’s harming you more just a diffrent part of you. weed has never casue cancer or casue anyone any illnesses in fact the opposite is true.if you do the research weed has been the worlds leading med. for thousands of years if weed casue any illnesses trustthat info would be all over your t.v. and radio.. people putting shit in weed is a myth. cause you really don’t have to. unless you fucking getting it from someone whos out of their mind and trying to poison people. when people die from alcohol. that you peddle (lol, low shot) in the thousands every year, and i’m not talking about druck driving or the dumb shit you do when drunk just purely the health risk that comes along with consuming alcohol how can you be so against smoking weed something thats never ever ever caused anyones death. you may dis like the culture built up around smoking and the stigma that comes with it. and when talking about smoking comparing ciggs with weed itsmcdonalds vs veggies

  5. its not the THC that’s the big problem, that wont “Kill” you, but inhaling smock of any kind will!!! the human lung wan ONLY made to process clean air, ANYTHING else fucks it up

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