GangStarrGirl Has 10-Teen Jobs!!!!!

My homegirl Reenie’s Seriously doing her thing.

If you’re not up on Starr, I suggest you get familiar with her blog, right chea…

But because she’s a hustler, the girl of course has her side hustles. One of those hustles is freelancing. So at any given time, feel “free” to check out her journalistic skills on a number of sites. For example,

I could write a post about Erykah Badu getting Butt-ass naked in a video just to make some kind of point,

but Starrene already did it on, so I’d rather you check out hers;


I could’ve written about these Pull up your pants Billboards (didn’t know about that huh?)

But Starr got on that first too! That’s pro-Journalism right there

And as a bonus,

Just so you can get Super caught-up on Ms. GangStarrGirl, here’s an interview that was done with her by the site, FRSHPulp

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  1. Thanks Malik. I really appreciate the link love.

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