Footage from 3/30 Brandon Carter Show @ DROM

Here’s a few clips from Tuesday’s show at Drom With Brandon Carter.

We shared a stage with the beautiful ass Black Buddafly, who will no doubt show up in a future Crush Alot segment.

Oh yeah, Malik Yoba was in the building too.

But anyway, The Boy Carter did his thing and has become quite the showman…cool, calm and in control. I played Hypeman for a couple of joints and then we went into an improvised version of the peoples’ favorite,  “Subway Bus or Walking”. Special Shout out to The Vanguard, who acted as the backing band and made wonderful things come to life by adding the melodious backdrop. Make sure you’re on the look out for his new album, entitled Never Give A Fuck!. Again kiddies, YES – that is the name of the album…

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  1. thanks for letting me know when the show was, fool.

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