Jimmy Fallon Reunites the Cast of “California Dreams”

This is totally random, and I don’t know how long this video will be up,

but how cool is this??

Really. I can’t name more than 2 people who even remember this show, but I’m glad that there are those who exist to reassure me that this is not a program that I made up in my head. That’s what happens to me when there’s stuff I remember that NEVER gets mentioned again… I start thinking maybe I just imagined it in my pre-cable, isolated, latch-key kid with an over-active creative-minded childhood.

But I have to give it up to Jimmy Fallon for putting this together. He may be single-handedly downgrading The best Hip-Hop band in the world and making them look like the Negro corner of his show, and he may be the corniest thing to hit late night since Carlos Mencia, but dammit Jimmy, ya done good!

P.S. Jennie Kwan might be my New Crush! All I’m saying tho is…Where’s Lorena??

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