Freaknik(aka The Worst Thing To Happen To Black People in 2010 so far)…Continued…

Oh wait,

it gets worse…

After this, Can you PLEASE just promise me that we’re only going to do Genius, Brilliant, Charitable and Uplifting things for the rest of the year?? Cause that’s what it’s going to take to even out the shift in the axis of the black world that this stupid ass cartoon created!

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  1. Yo nigga. You sound like a fucking Cosby Kid right now. Everthing don’t have to be some uplifting-Obama-WeShallOverCome ass shit! Sometimes niiggas just want to joke around and have fun. You sound like them old ass black men “pull up your pants and turn off that awfull rap music”. Worst thing to happen to black people??? Calm your ass donw nigga. This will not negatively affect any black peole in any way. You let me know how much MONEY you DON’T get cuz of this cartoon.

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