Black Women…Are you really THIS Ugly??

I came across these clips on another site, and I must say, I haven’t seen something purport itself so disgustingly to be Philosophical or conscious with such a lack of taste since whatever was the last Nas album…

Watch The Videos first!!

But I do want to ask my Beautiful Black women out there, who Iam sure will not watch all 3 of these crazy videos (And I wouldn’t blame you because it’s like signing up to get cursed out. How much verbal abuse should a woman sit and take?? But I wish you would, since you already started listening to this tirade for the first few minutes. Finish what you start is what I say), to really extract the tone, ignore the bashing, try to filter out the nerdy voice and over look the lack of professionalism and tact, not to mention racism and Afro-centric propaganda. I want you to put aside your feminist tendencies, and ideals of equity and equality, and REALLY TRULY ask yourselves…

Is there ANY truth to this??

Do you see any of yourselves of character in these descriptions??

Are some of these claims backed by sound historical elements??

Do you see a Problem??

Do Black Women have anything to answer for in relation to their transformations in modern society?

Or are we all okay as a people and this jerk is just living in a race-obsessed, gender-obsessed warp of anger dying to rant due to the unhappiness of his own pathetic failures in life and close-minded blockage??

I would like to leave this up for the weekend, and see what kind of feedback this generates. I’ll end by saying that I Love my independent Black women and they are the greatest high on Earth to me, but I have always noted that the gender – role displacement and invisible power struggle between black men and women has been a crisis that has crippled African-Americans for decades. This was prompted by the systematic breakdown of the Black family, but cultural and socio-economic factors have added to this. Our overall grasp of unity has been forever confounded, conflicted and damn near condemned to fail.

Either way, it’s something to think about now isn’t it? My job here is done…

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  1. What makes these videos a load of poop is that he’s being so GENERAL. All people don’t do everything. I know more women who are not like this than women who are.

    He sounds angry at black women. Well guess what- I’m mad at him for trying to put us all in a box. Does he really want to know why SOME “black women have ruined the households for 40 some-odd years”? Because many have been doing it ALONE for 40 some odd years. How about that?

    The so-called “Death of Black America” has many causes; it’s unfair to put in on Black women, most of who were doing what they HAD TO DO without a manual telling them how.

    Are some black women like this? Absolutely. I have some in my own family. But honestly, his views are extreme, condescending, one-sided and frankly, full of shit, and no one is going to take him seriously if this is how he’s chosen to present his opinion on the matter.

    Now let me go before I let him turn me into the very stereotype he’s talking about…

    Penzo OUT!

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