Hey Rihanna! FeFe Dobson wants her Style Back!!

Remember a Brown-skinned, Short cut hair, glam rock styled chic from Canada signed to Def Jam 8 Years ago?

Didn’t think you did…

But true music heads have already referenced another foreigner’s perceived Career-jacking turn and traced it back to it’s most likely source. Don’t blame Rhi-Rhi tho’, the girl is waaaay too young to probably even have noticed or thought the biting up herself. It was probably the good ol’ folks at Def Jam who said, ‘hey, Fefe’s not doing anything with her music and look, let’s use hers and make it work this time!‘. Yeah, don’t put it past the same masterminds who dropped Christina Milian for not using “S.O.S.” as a lead single (among other reasons I’m sure) and instead slapping a leftover dress from Beyonce’s wardrobe and a weave on Rihanna and saying let’s sexify you for this trial and error run of Rihanna version 2.0

It wasn’t until Rihanna version 3 that we got the final attempt, which was a lean in the edgier and more experimental direction of the rock-pop sound. No more “Pon de Replay” for her!! But anyway, accompany the musical style change with a punk inspired look, and we have now created the Fame Monster that we all have come to know as Chris Brown’s favorite Victim. Of course this is all my speculation and theory, and I’m quite sure that as a now fully grown woman, Rihanna is largely responsible herself for her rise as a style maven. That is, when she was still wearing clothes…

But there is much to say about the Young Lady who started it all and came in with something unprecedented for young black female musicians. Writing your own music and working with legends is a plus as well.

Thanks to Drake, Toronto is going through a resurgence of sorts and musicians who have been bubbling under or grinding for years are now jumping back into the fray. So now more than ever seems like the perfect time for her to make her name known again. A plug and co-sign from Vh1 as an artist you Ought To Know reiterates that fact. http://www.vh1.com/music/you_oughta_know/fefe_dobson/main.jhtml

It seems a little odd for an artist who started at 18 and has been in the game since the beginning of the decade to just now be getting that kind of nod, but it just means you get a fresh take on her. And she’s more than poised to jump back in to do what she does!

So if you want a throwback to raw, fashionable tough chic pop with rock sensibilities without butt-cheeks in your face every second,

allow her to re-introduce herself!

I leave you with something old,

something new,

something borrowed

and something blue

Her album’s out in May. Check out her website, http://www.fefedobson.com/

RedHead x Malik-16 “Kyla Pratt Remix”

Fresh from the end of last month,

Here’s the remix to my Boy RedHead‘s “Kyla Pratt” over the Party Boyz “Flex” track featuring yours truly.

Shout out to Meka for the DopeBoyz Love, http://bit.ly/daWFxb

GangStarrGirl has 10-Teen Jobs!!! (PT.2)

Continuing in the spirit of last week’s post about Starr freelancing and doing the VIBE.com thing,

as only a true hip-hop feminist can, she hits you with some news about 2 Female rap luminaries, Jacki-O and Remy Ma and what’s going on with them. Apparently Jacki-O has had a writing career…Who knew?? Starr did….

Follow the links



She also does me a HUGE favor by interviewing Ms. Brittany Street, a rapper that I put her on to and year and a half ago, and one of my favorite Female artists on the come up!! You can check that out on Reenie’s very own site, GangStarrGirl.com


Sex & The Chocolate City…Gone Celibate

Sorry Guys, TDJ‘s requested a little hiatus for the Sex & The Chocolate City section, so I’ll be sprinkling your Tuesdays with a little bit of something else from My other Favorite Renaissance Woman, Ms. Starrene Rhett. Follow and support my Homegirl as we bring you the weekly wrap up with what she’s bringing to the table.

So with no further adieu,

I bring you….

easy BRE z…CoverGirl!!

Even though I don’t know Ms. Scullark personally, I feel like I do.

That’s all the reason needed to make her the next subject of the Crush Alot section!

If  for no reason other than the fact that she represents the same place that I do – Harlem all day, but of course, there’s more…

Bre kind of has a hunger about her career similar to that of a rapper. You can blame it on her hometown, she was destined to be a hustler. And you can blame my affinity for her on my inclination to root for the underdog. However, Underdog is about to be a title that no longer fits Ms. Bre. The last few years have proven to be fruitful for her since she first made a name for herself on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model.

After my Ex (another Harlem Girl) trapped me into watching ANTM, I actually started paying attention to it and we would sit back and place our bids on who would make it through the episodes and who our picks would be for the season. The Season Bre appeared on was the last season I really looked at, and I remember us cheering on her every move as she made it to the final rounds. Sure, she was unpolished; smoking, brief drama-filled moments and an unavoidable hood twinge in her speech, but something about her made her glow. She was REAL.

She represents everything Beautiful about Fly Uptown Girls. She’s sooooo that; from how she walks, to how she moves her hands when she speaks and her inflections. Maybe it is that rough-around-the-edges appeal that makes her stand out, because couple that with her Doe-eyed drive, baby-faced features and willingness to learn, and she’s got this bright presence that draws you in. It’s a cool mix. The Harlem girl Swag is always turned up and she never hesitates to let you know where she’s from and how proud she is to be an example of someone who came from an unlikely place to be an unlikely Heroine.

So there’s almost a feeling of growing with her and pride in seeing the moves she’s made since. Every time she pops up in an ad or public appearance, Iam apart of that Soul-Clap corner, going ‘get ’em Bre!

We see her, looking more model-esque with every appearance, enunciating like an english teacher, and doing her correspondent thing on the side! She’s also getting noteriety for her charity involvements and writing.

Now physically, I’m a sucker for eyes, and Bre has got those big ones…almond brown, almond shaped and full of life. They are almost the defining feature of her face! That’s really all I need besides the fact that she’s a freakin model for God’s Sake, and you know how I Love those ever since 2009!!

She kinda reminds me of girls I know, girls I grew up around, maybe even my ex a little, admittedly, but there’s a newness there too. She can tone it down and come back down to Earth with the rest of us, unlike some other models who seem to never be able to bring it back to their foundation, and at the same time she can take it all the way up and get all Couture on us. It’s a perfect Balance of real and refreshing.

Here’s a reel of her Post Top Model Television work that I stumbled across,

You can catch up with the Girl on her Blog, http://kissbre.com/?page_id=32

(Damn! Fantasy much?)

Much like the Other ANTM Harlem girl that I’m smitten with, Yaya DaCosta, I feel like It’s only a matter of time until I run into her, so I’ll put it out there now by saying

Brittany “Bre” Scullark,


are officially My New Crush!!!

These Niggas….

Just when I thought that pants on the ground was the new biggest concern with the youth and that this shit was a thing of the past…

There goes the neighborhood.

I’m thinking to myself as I watched the news early yesterday morning, ‘nah, this is some random New York madness‘…imagining that what looked like a clip of New York’s finest hemming up a row of a dozen young Black and Hispanic Males on a Times Square curb in handcuffs, was just some craziness that ensued amidst the people camping out for the debut of the iPad this weekend.

But no,

One who is proud of his minority youth could only be so lucky to wish that was the case. Not only were these bastards being lined up and laid down on the pavement, they were allegedly taking part in some kind of gang initiation ritual that I didn’t even know about (and I’m a New Yorker people!) that apparently has been going down for the last few Easters!!

It gets worse…It appears the aimless violence seemed to be disorganized and targeted at women! I’ve heard horror stories about initiation patterns from the Newark sets of Bloods that designated days to attack or murder women or children in particular, and this was reminiscent of that as I watched the news coverage repeatedly flashing images of ignorant ass Memphis Bleek look-alike sociopaths in the making who couldn’t be any older than 21. The end result, 56 arrested, 4 shot. In some of the most awkward body parts ever!

Like really? Are we still on this???!! In New York of all places??

I remember the initiation day scares in high school on the cusp of the rise of New York gang culture. It always seems to be late, and an utter product of restlessness and immaturity. The moves are of a teen mentality in nature and are usually carried out by such. But that was then, this is now. It’s been quiet on the home-front as far as what we see publicized. There hasn’t been a peep about Gang attacks or uproars en masse in years. I guess they’ve taken this into account and noticed this, and felt the need to remind us, just in case we forgot.

As the recession has revealed itself to be a force that has stripped down comfort levels and turned open spaces into tight squeezes, it is noticeably evident that crime has jumped up nationwide in areas where it was previously low-key and not as conspicuous. I’ve seen in my own Harlem hometown that more brazen shit has popped off in the last few years than I can recall as an adolescent or teen. It can be a dangerous mix of the bind that financial strain has put on the inner city neighborhoods and the rapid gentrification prompting violence to spill over in obnoxious and visible ways, or the rebelliousness of a new don’t-give-a-fuck generation that we don’t quite yet understand because glamorized-crime Hip-hop has ruled their world for as long as they can remember. Either way, it’s saddening and super embarrasing to someone like me, because I’m pretty sure these negroes are mainly from my whereabouts, and events like this remind me to really keep a watch on my nephew who will no doubt have to deal with this kind of crap as he grows up – either indirectly or directly.

To get more information on what actually went down from a credible news source, I leave you with this link from The New York Times online.


And what’s news without Video??

http://video.aol.com/aolvideo/AOL News/4-shot-dozens-arrested-in-ny-mayhem/75983295001

Grow Up Niggas!!

Footage from 3/30 Brandon Carter Show @ DROM

Here’s a few clips from Tuesday’s show at Drom With Brandon Carter.

We shared a stage with the beautiful ass Black Buddafly, who will no doubt show up in a future Crush Alot segment.

Oh yeah, Malik Yoba was in the building too.

But anyway, The Boy Carter did his thing and has become quite the showman…cool, calm and in control. I played Hypeman for a couple of joints and then we went into an improvised version of the peoples’ favorite,  “Subway Bus or Walking”. Special Shout out to The Vanguard, who acted as the backing band and made wonderful things come to life by adding the melodious backdrop. Make sure you’re on the look out for his new album, entitled Never Give A Fuck!. Again kiddies, YES – that is the name of the album…

GangStarrGirl Has 10-Teen Jobs!!!!!

My homegirl Reenie’s Seriously doing her thing.

If you’re not up on Starr, I suggest you get familiar with her blog, right chea…


But because she’s a hustler, the girl of course has her side hustles. One of those hustles is freelancing. So at any given time, feel “free” to check out her journalistic skills on a number of sites. For example,

I could write a post about Erykah Badu getting Butt-ass naked in a video just to make some kind of point,

but Starrene already did it on Vibe.com, so I’d rather you check out hers;



I could’ve written about these Pull up your pants Billboards (didn’t know about that huh?)

But Starr got on that first too! That’s pro-Journalism right there


And as a bonus,

Just so you can get Super caught-up on Ms. GangStarrGirl, here’s an interview that was done with her by the site, FRSHPulp