Hot 16… Or More… BE ONLY YOU

In my last installment, I mentioned how my initiation year (’06-07) kicked off with nice collaborations with artists who I either reconnected with, or were still cool enough with me to have some kind of bond with. It could be that, or they were still early in their careers and their image of me being the dude who rapped his ass off was still fresh in their heads. I’m guessing that it didn’t hurt that I just made a historic Rap City appearance months before huh?

Anyway, One of these talented folks who I reconnected with is Mr. Lavell “Vell Vegas” Evans. One of the most talented Vocalists I’ve ever heard, I went to middle school with Vegas, and grew accustomed to hearing him croon up and down the halls, trying to pick up girls and even interrupting class with his random singing. You could imagine how glad I was to see that he was still persuing music and following his voice and heart. He even went to school for it, and put me on to a bunch of people who knew a bunch of people who I would come to know later. Talk about networking… I tell you, that Myspace was revolutionary in it’s prime! It’s hard to believe that I have been doing this for 4 years now, grinding, making a name… I have to thank Vell for being one of the first people to believe in me and pull me along with him. I would ride out on those long trips to Rockland County just to sit up and write R&B songs and rap verses with him and a crazy collective of songwriters, instrumentalists, and producers called TopScale Entertainment. Out of those sessions came this song, which I witnessed Vell write with Nick Slay literally in 45 minutes, bridge and everything, as the beat was being tweaked and enhanced. I was more than happy to be apart of it, even though Vell didn’t think it needed a rap verse. It was more of a TopScale decision (Shout outs to Woody, Pierre and Co.!!). Vell later thanked me after he marinated with the song for like a year, and it finally saw the light of day.

So a little after “The Cross” remix dropped that placed me next to Nas on a Tapemasters Inc. Mixtape courtesy of then-producer John Shotti (Another connect made through Vegas, who was a frequent producer for him back then as well), came this song – “Be Only You”. Now my verse is simple sounding, but a little more complex once you really listen. Which is why it’s here in this section today. I think it took all of  us a second to catch some of the slickness. You be the judge.

“I got this girl,

she got that stuff,

she make her man come get it,


I got One girl, that I just can’t get rid of.

Am I wrong cause I’m with keisha,

Tamala, Anna and Janae??

I keep a different girl just to occupy my day!

Or maybe I’m addicted to sex like Eric Benet,

Cut my hair off over the stress like Eric Benet.

And got the nerve to call myself getting away…

From the memory,

but the mirror tell me I’m fake!

cause even though now, I heavily date,

I find myself comparing every girl to you – counting every mistake.

So it’s me that got a problem,

cause I still might need and want ya,

so my feeling teeter-totter,

– like a building seated on a…

shaky foundation…

We was on the rocks,

like tequila or some vodka – think we need another shot.

Or should we just leave it alone and move along?

Instead of that tequila – upgrade it to Patron.

And Velli – he should know, cause he hitting them models,

just to keep his mind clear,

then he hitting that bottle!

-And it got him throwin’ up,

got him torn up,

and it’s all cause of this thing,

tryin’a keep thoughts of,

how he lost love, away but something’s missing.

It got him throwin’ up,

got him torn up,

and it’s all cause of this thing…

So if you gettin’ gone,

go on with the gettin’ on,

This a song I wish you was never even mentioned on!”

Hope you learned something…

You can hear this song and download it free on my music page;

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