The Cannabis Cure: Fuck The Drug, Love The Cure

If you know me, then you know I HATE weed. But I hate Cancer a million times more. It’s much more than a disease at this point, and I still cannot believe that it’s number 2 behind Heart Disease as the Killer of Americans. I know waaay more people who’s lives have been affected by some form of Cancer than Heart Disease.

But I bring all of this up because my boy Mos who is a mad thinker and life-long seeker of truth and advocate for marijuana, consistently barrages Facebook with these random YouTube clips dealing with scientific and medical research on the possible healing power of it.

Now despite my hatred for the consumption and smoking use of it and the bullshit that comes with it, the Cannabis Sativa plant is still a plant. This means it is of the Earth and serves a greater purpose than what man has manipulated it for thus far. It may very well be an untapped source that folks who have been exploring it’s properties for decades behind closed doors have known the benefits of.

I do believe that cancer is the one plague of humankind that is a direct result of all of our progression as a species. It is the Yin to our Yang and the great balancer that reminds us that we are of this world. For every radioactive, electro – magnetic advancement, we raise the threat. For every new spray, the Ozone Layer thins and the sun mutates our cells. For every thing we bottle, can, burn and add stuff to, there’s a cancer for that as well. But just like most ailments that occur in nature when something un-natural disrupts the flow, there’s usually something in nature that exists to counter that. What if Cannabis is that?

I went ahead out of my own curiosity and came across some YouTube clips from a conference where a doctor describes the homeostatic properties of what is defined as endocannabinoids. There is a true science behind this plant once we begin to remove our minds from the imagery that has become stigmatized by hippies and your favorite rappers and stoner flick. Fuck the Drug, Love the cure.

In these clips that Mos posted up recently, there are cases where the oil extracted from the plant have proven to be medicinal. It also talks about the controversy surrounding the small spaces and groups of people involved in these treatments.

As you could imagine, there’s a mound of red tape and political roadblocks in the way of this revolutionary spin on preventive medicinal alternatives. Be it from the outlawed history of the plant for public use, or the scarier idea that “THEY” just don’t want us to have the ultimate cure because there’s bigger money in keeping people sick. Whatever the reason, this will no doubt continue to be tested underground until the public demands to know how close we truly are to having the cure under our noses. Your thoughts?

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  1. thank you for taking a serious look at the information instead as brushing it off as hoopla like most do when they hear an un-popular truth.. you know this isn’t news to me, so it just really makes me happy that i could change your view a bit on this subject. we need more of this, true reporting. we must inform each other cause we will not be informed by those who have lots of money at stake depending on the information we recive, we have nothing to gain except the enlightening and growing of ourselves and our neighbors, which is really everything to gain, because it’s at this level where true change of our common reality can take place.. Peace and Love my brother..

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