And I say to Myself….What A Wonderful World…

So my Ex, Keirsten, sent me this link on Monday because she says she thought I would like this kind of thing.

But I’m thinking, SHE had to had liked this sort of thing to send it to me in the first place. WE should ALL like this kind of thing….If for no other reason then for the fact that we only get one planet to call home and it’s landscape is the very essence of why, who, how and where we are.

Shout outs to Newsweek for actually taking out the time to capture life itself in all of it’s stillness and show us what we could all be missing tomorrow if we don’t take care of today. It’s humbling to look at the world from a truly scientific standpoint and think of images that are so commonplace in our ideas and envision them being just that…ideas. Entire cities even. I’m not the world’s biggest environmentalist, although I did go to the High School For Environmental Studies, but I do hope to see every last one of these amazing places before it’s all said and done….Except maybe the cold ones…Ha!

But seriously, take a minute and check out the link or go pick up that copy.  Look at the different regions and areas, pick your favorites. They really were detailed enough to lay everything out for visitors to sift through geographically and visually. It’s awe inspiring. I went ahead and put up a few images for you from it. Thanks Keiry.

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  1. These are awesome shots! This is the very reason I want to travel more.

    However, that aerial shot of Manhattan always makes me anxious… I’ve watched wayyyyyy too many disaster flicks.

    PS- you went to the HS for ENV Studies? That was my major in college! I remember hearing about the school AFTER my HS years were done and being all mad that it didn’t exist back in my day lol

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