*New Malik-16 & Brandon Carter Track ft. Mel Gibson* – “Pack Of Niggers”

This was supposed to be a surprise song that wasn’t gonna drop until tomorrow when we perform together at Santos, but Somebody wanted to be an eager beaver *ahem*. And as Drake so eloquently pointed out, that “can be the collapse of a dam”.

Good thing we’re just that Dam good at this parody game.

This time we brought Mel Gibson along for the ride to enlighten you Niggers (Yeah, ER). And yeah I name-dropped Clayton Bigsby in there. And Brandon produced the beat, with a little of my input, but he always mixes my verses wack when I record with him…I smell sabotage….what do you guys think?

Enjoy. And download the song at this link


Now you can tell all your friends you officially own the most ignorant song of the summer. You’re welcome!


  1. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. I would have personally preferred if he called us a colony of Niggers since we’re stealthy like cats. Or maybe a herd like the mighty buffalo. But a “pack” nah – that’s for dogs and wolves.

  3. if we gonna start the animal thing, I’m start calling my niggas my “pride of niggs”!! like me and my PRIDE bout get this weed and money!”

  4. Track is ill! Turn his words into your money! Fuck mel gibson!

  5. Way to put a positive spin on negative shit my brothers. Creative Innovative entertaining and funny all at the same time.

  6. And may I add Mel needs to lay off the sauce smoke a joint and chill

  7. With his overzealous ass

    • I’m not overzealous, I just hustle at a level that most niggas are not acutom to

  8. One more comment and I’m done. I was gonna say that your verse sounded a bit odd; that is until i finished reading the actual post with my skimming ass. I don’t know if it’s sabotage, but maybe he started drinking at the beginning of the mix. That would mean he was buzzed during the mix of his verse but drunk during yours. That shit happens to me sometimes… and I’ll be thinking my mix is that deal until the next day!!!

    • this mix it tremendous. its just that NOTHING sounds as good after you hear a verse from me. There was no need to “sabotage” Malik cuz he sabotaged himself by being on a song with an artist of my caliber


  9. LOL


  10. I had no idea that there were so many audio critcs on this site lol

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