TDJ Blows!!…up that is – Check out her new blog! *CONGRATS*


they grow up so fast…

It seems like just yesterday, our renaissance woman was gracing our tuesdays with date tips and first-hand forewarnings. Or least it feels like 4 months ago

Well, now our very own Bunny has flown the coup, or hopped along to greener pastures at

Iam so proud of TDJ. She has tried this before, with a blog named after herself (not quite sure what happened there, but I’ll get to the bottom of it) She didn’t think she had the patience or time management to pull it off, but she always kinda knew she did. She grew tired of being a relationship/dating advice giver and wanted to flex her writing muscle a bit more. She has officially retired from guest blogging here, and with that, Sex & The Chocolate City is officially done. There is no that without her.

So this is the ultimate farewell and welcome to the old and the new. ‘Grand opening, grand closing, Gotdamn your girl T cracked the can open again!’

Check out her many writing and film endeavors, including the goings on with her writing group, and her movie that she wrote, produced and directed; The Field Trip.

Now that I think of it, maybe I should squeeze this picture of her in the header next to the other chics blowing out candles…hmmnn. Or at least next to the big booties…hmmnnn. Apropro?

Click on the pic to visit.

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  1. Awwww…Thanks Uncle Malik! hehehehehe…

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