Fuck Rick Ross, FRED delivers the Best Remix out!

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It’s no secret my disdain for the poser who parades around borrowing the namesake of other grown men. Mostly, failed men who are notorious for all the wrong reasons. Note to rappers, if you’re gonna name yourself after a real street legend, try to name yourself after niggas who don’t get busted and lose it all. Also, try not to name yourself after actors who play such characters. They are just actors.

And how funny that we should talk about actors. In a recent review of This guy’s album Teflon Don (yet another borrowed moniker that I hear he’s getting flack for from the Gotti family), The site

http://www.djbooth.net/ begins by stating…

Rick Ross is the Al Pacino of rap. No one believes that Pacino actually was a Miami drug lord, but his acting in Scarface was so dynamic that Tony Montana seemed completely real. Similarly, only the incredibly naïve think Rick Ross is an actual Don; as a general rule, real drug kingpins wouldn’t dream of carrying kilos of coke in their cars, let alone embark on international media campaigns to announce the details of their massive drug distribution operation. But somewhere between the time Ross’ heavyweight Hustlin’ first hit our eardrums and now, the Bawse has embodied the larger than life characteristics of the actual gangsters he names himself after (Freeway Rick Ross, Albert Anastasia) so entertainingly that rants about his “realness” have become as pointless as complaining that Al Pacino didn’t “actually” engage in gun battles with Columbian hitmen.”

I hesitate to call him a rapper. I cringe to refer to him as an entertainer.

Many of you probably don’t even notice the picture of him X’d out in his corrections Officer uniform that’s in the banner for this site above, but my respect level is nil for mr. Rozay. Besides the lame identity crisis gimmick, and I won’t even get into the cop past for a gangster rapper thing, I just am not a fan of repetetive rhymes about nothing but ignorance and glorfying of shit that there is no glory to. Alot of you have seemed to fall into the co-sign trap where if something is getting pushed hard enough and enough people seem to overlook something very wrong, then it’s okay to lean in that direction. Having some of the hottest beats around doesn’t hurt that effect either.

In one song, this guy encapsulates all 3 of those flaws almost unabashedly and unapologetically. Almost like he knows that ever since he’s got Diddy behind him, he can say damn near anything and niggas will eat it up because he’s filling a void left for street-oriented rap. Much like Biggie had this seeming immunity that made the general public look at you crazy when you questioned his more…questionable lines and statements.

The song I’m talking about is Called “B.M.F”. or “Blowing Money Fast”. How he convinced a rapper like Styles P to jump on a song with a hook that starts off, “I think I’m Big Meech…” I don’t know, but this track is one big fuckery fest of fantasy and fabrication that promotes drug money and everything surrounding it like it’s 1985.

There has been a Jeezy track called, “The Real Blowing Money Fast” that actually features a recorded statement by the actual Big Meech – the man behind the real cartel B.M.F., who’s serving a federal sentence. In it, he’s saying that he has no ties to Ross and has never met him, but doesn’t appreciate the use of his name. I’m not a Jeezy fan because he’s not too far from this guy in his approach, but he does have his moments. In any case, I was hoping this started a battle so someone that people really respect on both a street and rap level would break the hypnosis you’ve seen to have been put under in the last year. Sorry 50.

I guess this is better. What my boy Mr. Fred Hawkins has done has turned a negative to a positive. Kind of like what me and Brandon did with “Pack Of Niggers”, Fred uses Ross’ own shit to his advantage and flips his beat and cadence in a display of Self-motivation, Black Pride and Intelligence. It’s conscious without being corny so it doesn’t lose it’s street appeal and flare. Dare I say, it’s Revolutionary But Gangster.

There couldn’t have been a better way, Fred’s half husky, commanding voice is like listening to Ross’ good twin, who did everything right. He flips the hook saying, “I think I’m Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Marcus Garvey…Hallelujah!”, with lines like “You don’t need that White, You need that Black, we gave the system wealth…we need that back!” This version is more of an anthem for true manhood and responsibility.

Dopeness in it’s true form. Coalition is still alive and kicking.

Click on the pic or Hear the song here.


And because it just dropped and Obvioulsy great minds think alike cause he went the same lane and started his hook the same way, I’m adding my new favorite rapper, Lupe Fiasco‘s version as well, with a link to my new favorite hip-hop website http://www.refinedhype.com/hyped/entry/lupe-fiasco-b.m.f/

Shout outs to Fred. I’ll jump on that remix if needed.


  1. Real talk my nigga. You sound like a bitch ass-hatting ass nigga right now. It is one thing not to like a niggas… but you start fucking BLOGGING about why you don’t like a niggas… that when you start taking lameness to a whole new level! Rap is just entertainment fam. Who gives a fuck if that niggas is really a gangst of not? That shit don’t EFFECT YOU LIFE IN ANY WAY! Pac used to be a fucking back up dancer and I honestly beleave that I have sold AT LEAST 2x as much coke as Biggie. That don’t meen anything thow. I still can not beleave you really wrote a blog about how much you don’t like another rapper! WOW, that really blows my mind. Whould jay z write a blog about a nigga? Hahha can you see Rakim blogging about rappers that they don’t like? The truth is that if he was not selling. A LOT of records you whould not have posted this gay ass blog… you did not post this cuz you don’t like what he dose…. you posted it cuz he is SUCCESSFULL at doing what you don’t like… that makes you a hater.

  2. Fred’s song is dope

  3. I was gonna delete this bullshit you just wrote, but I understand. Just like there is shit that you care about more than I do and shit that you don’t care about at all, there’s a place for it.
    This blog was about Fred’s song turning around what this original song was. I set the stage up by pointing out what I don’t like about the original song. I took advantage of that time to state that I totally don’t have respect for the maker of that original song. Not hate, just voicing that I don’t like the nigga. I guess the minute you voice not liking someone, you’re a hater huh?

    Half of the shit I blog about doesn’t directly effect my life in any way. But I can have an opinion on shit. That’s why I blog. This is an editorial type blog. Not a site to go get exclusives or merchandise.

    Rick Ross is a public figure. He subjects himself to being discussed in public. Furthermore, he makes a spectacle of himself by being such an over-exaggerated character. The only reason that it’s so crazy is that he goes out of his way to tell you how real he is.

    YOU may not care how legit a rapper is, but Hip-hop is the only form of music that’s based on a reality ethos, where it’s composers are supposed to be sharing their honest thoughts and feelings and stories. It’s supposed to entertain, but it’s been a long time since it was just “Throw your hands in the air”. The reason rap got so big is after it changed into a more personal expression, where listeners felt like they were being taken into the world of the rapper. It’s granted that every rapper exaggerates, but when it’s over the top then come on…that whole “it’s just entertainment” thing would be cool if niiggas didn’t make such a big deal out of being “real”. Niggas talk at the beginning and ends of their songs, get on dvd’s with guns, get into fights at clubs and make 2 minute long skits to drill the point that they really do EVERYTHING that they say they do on record. I’m dying for the day that a gangster rapper starts his career off saying, none of this is real, I’m just acting and my life is totally fictional, but I hope you enjoy it. Think about CB4 and why that resonated with people so much. Rap audiences hate Fakeness. And this guy has been caught in so many lies and pretend that it’s funny. That’s why it matters!
    If he wasn’t famous and getting lots of shine right now, you’re right, I wouldn’t be talking about him. He’d be another wannabe. But the fact that a wannabe made it so far, now THAT’S something to talk about.
    Furthermore, I CARE about saying shit in music. I don’t wanna just hear my voice on a record. And after a while, people want to know you can talk about something other than yourself. That makes me a fan of shit that reflects that, and against shit that doesn’t. Music is a gift to be shared with people, therefore you might wanna give them something THEY feel for THEM. All of the greatest musicians in history have this in common. My album won’t be all about money and bitches. You and Drake can keep that shit up if you want…

    All I did was speak about it. It’s no different than what every nigga talks about when he’s with his boy, or in the barbershop. Why is it different because I WROTE it down?
    It’s no crazier than that shit 50 did when he went all out on that pimpin curly shit or dis records. Is that more acceptable? This post was about a Rick Ross song, so I talked about Rick Ross. Not just because. I could give a fuck about what it looks like. That’s what it is.

    • Voiceing your opinio dose notmake you a hater… but writing a post titled “FUCK RICK ROSS” Is a CLEAR indication of HATE! If you care a bout rappers being real so much then you should only play Jhon Fortya songs in you iPod. There are plenty of rappers I don’t like but there is NO way you could get me to blog about it. Music is just entnertainment. I don’t like Rick Ross like that eather but that nigga nevr did shit to you! All he ever did was try to entertain you ass. All he ever did was get up and go for his. You deleating my post would not deleat your hate! You should be too bizzy working on your goals to be tripping off him. And so what if was a cop. I know active GDs that are cops and still doing some GANGSTA ass shit! But like I said befor, if he was not making shit happen you would not have posted this!

  4. I say I don’t like the nigga. That’s it. I’m not trying to start a petition or anything. And nobody knows if he was a gangster ass crooked cop anyway. All we know is that he was a cop! And even if you know thug cops, or if he was crooked, is that any cooler? does that make him any less gay for lying about it?
    All I’m doing is calling out a clown ass nigga who’s promoting ignorance and what you call “Entertainment” that’s subconsciously destructive to the youth who have to hear his entertainment more now than ever since he’s “making shit happen” (a.k.a. riding Puffy to the bank).
    YOU wouldn’t do it, but that’s why there’s BrandonCarter.com, and there’s 16’s Candles. It’s one post son. It’s not a protest parade.
    I’d sk8 b4 I h8. Check out Lupe’s version.

    • I wanted to just let this go till i saw the first line of your last comment “I say I don’t like the nigga. That’s it.” that is NOT what you said! you said “Fuck Rick Ross” in the title fam! Thats a lot more than merely a critique!

      I think its funny that premise of your blog tilted “Fuck Rick Ross” is that he is fake and not real when YOU have NEVER sad “FUCK YOU” to anybody’s face! (please correct me if i’m wrong). Is that REAL???? And i truly dont believe that you would have posted this if you were a more established rapper and you know Rick Ross would know about it. I am not saying any of that to say that your soft. this is not a “G Check” or question of you manhood or bravery so please dont take it that way. I just don’t believe that you are a disrespectful person in REAL LIFE!!!!!!! so why do you feel that its ok to be deliberately disrespectful to a nigga in your blog when you dont do that kind of shit in real life?!?!?! Is THAT real? sounds kind of FAKE to me! Just cuz you “…Dont like the nigga” is good enuff reason to be deliberately disrespectful? I know other niggas that you “dont like” but i have NEVER seen you or heard of you saying “FUCK YOU” to there face.

      I think its wildly hypocritical of you to denounce Rick Ross for rapping about shit he has never done, when in the title of VERY SAME POST you said some shit you never said (to anyone’s face) in real life! unless you plan on telling Rick Ross “Fuck You” the first time you meet him… you are no better than him!

      and as for your line about him being “subconsciously destructive to the youth” that is st8 up bullshit. Nornmal, sane, children do not sell drugs and kill people because of RAP! you sound like Bill O’Rilly with that non-sense. CRAZY PEOPLE are the only people that hear a song and do what the song says! i mean that sounds like the very definition of crazy! If a kid hears Rick Ross and decides to start selling drugs and killing people, its safe to assume that that nigga was not going to amount to much wither he hear a Rick Ross song or not.

      “Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me, still that aint to blame for all the shit thats happened to me” Sean Carter.

  5. Hahahaha @ the comments

    Ya’ll are crazy. Love you both like brothers, no incest

  6. Yo it’s maaaaaad funny how you nearly avoid even the mention of Rick Ross the rapper’s moniker through the whole post homie!!!!! For the record I’m with you on not being a real Rick Ross fan. I’m happy he’s doing good though cause he is doing good business. However my issue with him is the same as with a lot of folks who were hitting from NY in the last decade. Everybody is a coke kingpin. but you’re all in the same burow and y’all ain’t shooting at each other at every show?!
    At any rate, I think BMF, a song dedicated to the lifestyle everyone in ATL connects themselves to even though the Flenory’s are Detroit Natives (LA DOWN, 6 Mile and all that), may be his msot honest work to date. Think about it: DOES HE OBVIOUSLY NOT BELIEVE THAT HE IS BIG MEECH?????????? I’m just sayin’…. I’m certainly not with the bold untruths, but I’ve never much been a fan of lies. Now, entertainment does involve serving a fantasy to a certain point from certain angles I suppose. But I also agree with you in saying that this smokescreen we’ve been handed is bamboozling a whole generation. WE STILL THINK AT LEAST. And again, anyone who knows me well knows I’m not a dope boy antagonist; I mean like I said I’m from Detroit. The city, not the suburbs. But there’s more to say. And don’t even let me get started on the freemason song…. I’m out.



  7. Rick Ross had a good spark when he started rappin I admitt I like his production team, he gets on hot beats to rap on them. He was the reason why I still like that Miami dirty south music But any way. I don’t agree on why he is taking big names like big Meech, or the real rick ross or the Teflon don. All these rappers calling them selfves don are not dons. Real Dons, Have to be made 100% Italian no Irish blood in you. Haitians can not become dons. Hispanics, or African Americans can’t not be dons. Not even jewish can’t become dons. This don shit has mess the whole game up seriously. Hispanics and African American have gangster in them but the word don I’m sorry. The mob does not accept hispanics or african american into their organizations. The one who is “Don” the real don john gott, he died for his sins so did paul castelano when he got killed at the down town Newyork steak house. Rappers who said they have killed alot of bodies are hideous and yeah say that tol entertain all of us. In the streets these rappers act like little bitch kittens outside in the streets. A real nigga with so much heat on him will not talk about his past or how much he T.O.S Niggas daily which mean terminate on sight if you didn’t know what T.O.S meant

  8. I see what’s going on here…you’re trippin too much off of the “Fuck Rick Ross” part of the title. That wasn’t a rally or call to a movement. That was the opening part of a sentence. It was ‘Fuck what that nigga’s talking about, listen to my boy’s version of his song that’s waaay better’.
    This wasn’t a Fuck Rick Ross post for the sake of it.
    This was to highlight a dope song that was taken from a wack song by a wack artist. I always have intros to my posts. In this post, I started by talking about why I don’t like dude as an artist. I don’t know him as a man, but his public actions as a man and the music he makes leads me to not respect him.
    If I did know him, or was in closer range, the only reason I would not write a post with this kind of title is that other people (like you) would blow it way up and it’d be some kind of altercation.
    Unfortunately, you can’t express not liking another rapper without having to worry about if you gotta fight or shoot. Joe Budden couldn’t even say that he personally felt that he was better than Method Man without having to face a jumping by niggas not involved. Who the Fuck WOULD want that??? 50 says shit cause he got bodyguards and bulletproof shit.
    I honestly DO think I’m gonna wind up butting heads with lots of cats cause I’m not afraid of speaking the truth.
    I blog. This is what bloggers do.

    And WHO told you I never have said fuck you to anybody’s face?? Where are you getting this from? That is something you assumed from what you think of me. You just came to that conclusion on your own. A
    This post didn’t say ‘hey, Fuck you Rick Ross’
    yet that’s how you’re making it. In “Real Life”, you don’t go around saying fuck you to anyone unless provoked. But in conversation we say ‘fuck this and that all day’ this blog is like a convo. This wasn’t a letter to dude. This was me writing to my readers. Maybe I should have added the word “song” and titled it “Fuck Rick Rossl song, Fred delivers the best remix out!!” then you wouldn’t be so stuck on the word.
    For the record, Fuck the World!
    guess I just disrespected everyone huh?

  9. And you gotta know that I besides the reason I stated above for writing the title of this post this way, I also knew that it would provoke a response. Did I know that you would care this much that I don’t like another rapper and that I WROTE down something that you wouldn’t write but would say on any given day?? No way did I see that coming.

    And I definitely won’t get into how rap influences kids. Hip-Hop has made lots of uncool shit cool. It’s not a Monkey see, monkey do situation. It’s the power of suggestion and the desensitizing effects.

    I’m so glad Gangsta rap is not the dominant form of popular hip-hop anymore.
    Fuck Scarface the movie. Hope I didn’t disrespect Brian De Palma. And Fuck Gangster Rap! Hope EZ E isn’t turning in his grave.

    You say worst shit than me everyday of your life for the sake of conversation.
    But I’m fake cause I write it down???

  10. I never head about you saying “fuck you” to the face anyone that you don’t like. “The way I see you” is a kind respectfull person that does not go around talking shit to people. But for whatever reason, people feel like its ok to be disrespectfull when they are on the internet.

    Its ok to not like a rapper. I don’t like Common, I would say that to him and tell him why if the sutuation called for it. But there is now way that I would runn up on him and say “Fuck You Common!” Why not, because that is fucking retarted! He did not do shit to me! I might honest run up on Nas and tell him “Fuck you Nas” but that’s cuz he tryed to fuck my girl. And I got a ligit personal beef with him!

    Now your trying to downplay the “fuck” by saying “fuck the world” or “I’m a bloger, that’s what we do” but that’s bullshit. I would like to see a lot of shit talking bloggers get there asses kicked. Being on the internet dose not get a peson permetion to just say wahever they want. I dissagree with you whole point of view on almost All subjucts but I never said “Fuck Malik” not because I’m scared of you, but because saying “fuck malik” is unessisary. You can “speak the truth” in a way that’s not disrepectfull!!!!!!!!! That way you don’t have to worry about gettin shot…. and you will get your point across better!

    as far as you being fake or not. Unless you willing to look Rick Ross in the eye and say
    “Fuck Rick Ross” then I do not thing you were being real. Your nice guy that don’t go around disrespecting people just cuz you don’t like then. The title of this post suggest otherwise. I think people should blog about people the way they would talk about them if they were in the room. THAT’S REAL

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