APOLOGY – 1 For The Team

Last week I wrote a post entitled “Do you KNOW who Iam?”

I stated how my team wanted me to make changes to both of my sites based on their idea that the lack of consistent information and definition would cause confusion to a new visitor.

I also stated that I disagree.

I guess the way I worded things in the post had a slant towards making them seem like some kind of machine that stood between you and I.

I used alot of “They” language in reference to them…I see how that can make them appear to be this outside antagonist instead of a support system.

So for that, I apologize.

This is MY team. The only ones who came to me when nobody else has. They have taken on the arduous task of getting me to the next level, and in knowing this, Iam truly appreciative and grateful.

Sometimes, I know I am pretty tongue-in-cheek and cynical, but most of the time, there’s a humorous element involved. I’m waaayy less malicious than one would imagine. Especially when compared to most bloggers, who tend to be snarky and have a big sense of self-importance.

I still want to give you guys who follow the blog more credit and believe that you really do know that Iam an artist with a campaign to be Your New Favorite Rapper and that you are very aware that I have an official website that exists anytime you want to go and learn the backstory on the kid. But Just in case, I have honored the compromise agreed to by me and my team to make that and my music more accessible. Ironically enough, this all came up as I was preparing to make those adjustments for this week anyway. I needed to make sure I had one place where you can get all of my music first.

So shout out to Mike Gordon and Naima, who’s relationship with me almost mirrors the relationship between me and my older siblings. I swear sometimes it’s as if I had my Sister Sheedie making career suggestions for me along with a more animated version of my brother Khalid. It’s scary. And that means that we’re not always gonna see eye to eye. I don’t know if that means we’re too close for comfort or what, but it’s Love there nonetheless.

Now can ya’ll Please focus the rest of this year on trying to get me famous???! Thanks in advance guys.


  1. All i heard was “I is so sorry fo makin yo mad masta. I gonna be a good little nigga from na on”

  2. Wow, Brandon…really? Eesh…

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