Spies Like Us! – Boris Kodjoe Heads new J.J. Abrams series

I don’t care how Corny or wack this show may end up being. I’m just amazed that this concept of a Primetime action drama spearheaded by 2 Black leads was greenlighted. By NBC at that. Not MY9, Not BET, Not TVOne.

Let’s just hope that this breaks new ground by crushing the color veil and amassing a diverse prexisting NBC audience with an appetite for spy TV, while avoiding the classification of being a ‘Black show’.

If that can be done, then this show will be a victory and success, no matter how long it runs.

Of course, that’s a bit much to put on the shoulders of Boris Kodjoe and British newcomer Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Who’s sure to end up in a Crush Alot post just because of what she is and her name alone). I know Blacks tend to do that alot and make every Negro responsible for representing us, But this stands a good chance. A show created and directed by the golden boy behind the hits Lost and Fringe, J.J. Abrams, adds validation and maybe can draw enough people who wouldn’t normally tune in.

I’m excited a little. It’s like a Black Mr. & Mrs. Smith without the trying to kill each other. And thank God, cause Lords knows that Black men and women do enough of that in REAL life. Glad at the prospect of seeing some Grown Black love on national screens. And even though I’m not a T.V. show watcher, I’ll look at an episode or 2 and hope that it doesn’t get nipped. Hope you will 2. It airs on Wednesday, September 22nd. How fitting that that’s the start of LIBRA season?? The Takeover, The Break’s over!

I’m just surprised that somebody not Black knew who Boris was and gave him some work. And how bad is this chic??! I have a NEW Ideal woman. She’s like Kerry Washington meets Stacey Dash! Yes!!!


  1. They had me until the last few seconds of that preview.

    “More colorful”??????

    WTF is THAT supposed to MEAN, NBC?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Lawd Jesus keep me near the cross………

    That aside this preview had me chuckling. I’m intrigued. Plus it’s Boris…he’s so frikkin’ drool-worthy I can’t stand it! And his co-star is so beautiful…if I were Nicole, I’d be worried, esp w/how THEY got together *side eye*

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Let’s hope it’s good, does some good, stays on for a good long while andthatborisandimeetandfallinlovetheend. LOL

  2. I never really comment but I do read religiously. I too am looking forward to this show and hope that it is not corny or gets cancelled mid season.

  3. Yeah, this chick is crazy. She’s definitely fling-worthy. As far as the show, it seems cool but at times pretty tacky in dialogue. Tha twhole “More colorful” part had me dying, like really???

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