Jeezy Feels me! (Pause)

So my Libra brother, is on his sideways shit heavy. You decide if these are shots or not (in case you haven’t heard).

Even after a couple of attempts to diffuse, deny and downplay his shots at officer Ricky, the buzzmill won’t let that be true. And apparently, Ricky Ticky Tembo is gonna drag him into a full out beef whether he likes it or not. Or at least both are taking shots without owning up to the shots. See ms. Info’s coverage of it to get the bigger picture

The reason for this could be that, just like 50 killed the allure of mixtapes, he also killed all of the adrenaline and hype of battle rap by becoming a randomized bully who pulled the pick-a-new-target card one too many times. Maybe it’s demise began after the whole Jay-Z/Nas beef? I mean, would we ever be as excited to see another battle after we’ve seen one of that magnitude? What would possibly give us as much satisfaction  after that?

Remember when a beef like this would have everyone who listened to hip-hop buzzing for months? Remember Jada vs. Beanie??! Oh my Gosh!!

Now, this type of shit doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. The rappers themselves start it because they’re still emcees at heart and are drawn to the natural inclination to boast and defend on record, but the side of them that wishes to maintain their cool and not seem like they care too much about another man is what keeps them from engaging in a true battle. The tide of popular opinion has deemed this as lame now, so Bye Bye to the art of besting your foe by lyrics. No…now it’s make subliminals and let your weed carriers do your dirty work in person when you run into each other.

Now last month, I got into BIG TROUBLE for looking like a “Hater” for voicing my dislike for The former corrections officer who appears X’d out in the header for this very site. I mentioned how Jeezy started off lightly and pulled back. I’m just glad I’m not alone in these sentiments. I only wanna see Justice served. So while Jeezy may or may not take this the next step up after being baited by Rozay, and even if he does, we know now that rap battles no longer end careers….I’ll be happy knowing I’m not crazy and I’m not the only one  sees the Bullshit. It takes a Libra


  1. Stop it. Gimme your hand so I can smack it like a 2 year old for covering this bullshit. Seriously. GIVE IT TO ME. And fuck a no-homo; that shit is for fags.
    At any rate, here is a link to some shit that may seem slightly interesting to you or your fellow blogging counterparts. The shit just seems heli odd to me.

  2. And fuck a pause too. Oh before I depart (you know I’m the king of the adlib comments at this point) I’m putting together a nice track that I’d like for you to bless if and when we can make the shit happen. Get at me Dog.



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