New Chris Classic Video & Mixtape

Fresh off my quick stop into 2DopeBoyz’s BBQ, I ran into the kid Chris Classic, an artist who makes Overtly serious faces, but has a marketing style that’s after my own heart. Anyway, the kid’s a real entertainment biz pro with an ill resume, and I met him a few weeks ago when me and Brandon Carter debuted our track, “Pack Of Niggers” and performed it at Santos.

Carter hit me up and told me to check out Chris’ new video. Correction, he told me to check it out and peep the “bad ass bitches” in it. And I told the homie I would post it up. Here it go…

This is the lead off visual from Classic’s new mixtape, Summer Classic 2.

Besides employing witty sarcasm to promote it, such “No Backpacks…No Big Meech (or larry Hoover)” (You know I was feeling that), Chris has one of the best Hip-Hop artist websites I’ve ever seen. Visit and download the tape at

And I know you noticed a few faces in the clip. Shout out to my fellow Harlem representative Esso. And one of those Harlem Heights people that are X’d out in my header are in there as well. My Bad…

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  1. Haha @ Esso’s acting “Oh shit yo, thats classic!” The video could’ve been edited better, like they showed those 2 girls stepping off the curb to the cab like 3 times before they actually get in it, but its a cool joint

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