Did I ever Mention How much I HATE Black McDonald’s Commercials??!

Why is this commercial so obnoxious?! Who greenlighted this?!

Their urban marketing team should be sent to the firing squad!

Now that I think of it…Are there any McDonald’s commercials that AREN’T Black??


  1. This one is actually pretty good, though. Think about it- she’s speaking in the King’s English & no one is cooning it up. You could easily substitute any other female of any other race in here and wouldn’t have to change a thing. I call that a WIN for our side, no?

  2. I know! shorty should have walked in the McDonald’s with like 3 or 4 of her kids (none of of them having the same father of course). And whats up with them nigga in the back with violins? It should have been like 7 Vice Lords and they all should have been trying to holla at her in the most disrespectful ways.

    the McDonald’s in my (and Obama’s) neighborhood in South Side Chicago got shut down because of too many Gang shootings (TRUE STORY). so this is some false advertising like a Mutha-Fucka if you ask me!

  3. Yeah, Raqui, but no. Alas, this is obviously an attempt to try to deflect the negative feedback that McDonald’s gets for their coonery. But what happens is it that these “Sophisticated” Black ads end up being worse because they try to do and be too much. They always try to capitalize off of a black trend. Like the Mc Nuggets R&b commercial they did last year. The saturday morning ones with little smiley black children aspiring to be Future McDonalds managers make me sick as well. This particular one doesn’t even serve the spoken word community any justice as it’s so contrived and cringeworthy. Like, who wrote this?? And why does she sound like Girl 6? What’s that little moan at the end? It sooo sounds like this was white people’s idea of what the upscale black McDonalds audience looks an sounds like. Maybe it is. I don’t know any upscale black McDonalds folk. And the handful of Black people on staff should go clear ou their desks for the trash they’ve been feeding us for years. Yeah, I’m looking at you sideways people behind that Dwele McCafe clip!

    • Have you ever seen a black person with a violin…who are you kidding?

    • So you have been served a Mac daddy happy meal at yo place befo? Commercials worked then!

  4. good post..great share, great article..love to read it

  5. Great !! I like this

  6. LMAO. I’m late but I hate these effing commercials. Like, really McDonald’s? That’s what makes black people eat your food? smh

    • not just blacks…other ignorant black lovers too…

  7. I’ll be honest son…. I thought you were pro-McDonald’s when you was talkin’ bout your boi in the carpool van (which was borderline hip hop-sploitation). Then they staked an all-out attack on sensory poetry. GTFOH. I hate McDonald’s in general, but these commercials intensify it soooooooooo much.

    • I can tell your color by the hate speech you spew…

  8. Fuck WacDonalds ! Fake ass food… garbage! I hate the new one where the couple are beating on the table. I think it’s for coffee. As far as the “black” commercials go; totally unneccessary! Everybody eats this bullshit even without commercials. I don’t like any of them no matter which race they’re appealing to. Fuck WacDonalds!

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